Over the years there has been considerable conjecture about the origins of the NVA. The National Vizsla Association was formed solely to promote the Vizsla as a High Class Bird Dog. The breed masters in Hungary had dedicated centuries developing and preserving the Vizsla as a premier hunting dog. Giving the breed the same opportunity here in the US seemed like a fitting tribute to such a noble breed.

During the early 1980s several Vizsla Field Trialers were aware of Championships, particularly National Championships, being conducted by other continental breeds that were one hour contests run on a continuous course venue. The Vizsla having spent its initial years in the US under the umbrella of The American Field had competed in this type of trial before and several of us thought it a worthy goal to do so again. Most everyone competed in trials consisting of thirty minute stakes at weekend events but wanted something more demanding for a National Championship. A small group of Vizsla owners at that time wanted a venue to showcase the breed as the best it could be as a High Class Bird Dog. There was never any disregard for the breed as a handsome companion dog or personal hunting dog but several owners saw a need to showcase the best of the best in the field under more demanding circumstances.


An informal meeting was held at Fort Huachuca, Arizona to discuss a more demanding format on consistent championship type grounds with some opposed and some in favor of doing so.


A more formal meeting was held at Porterville, CA with serious talk about forming an organization to run a one hour, non-retrieving event to be judged on shooting dog or best dog standards with enough interest to start a new association.


Articles and Bylaws were drafted by Ray Cooper and Bruce Hale then presented and approved to form what would be called the National Vizsla Association and run under the auspices of The American Field promoting the Vizsla as a High Class Bird Dog. Initially the NVA was made up of a relatively small core group of people who had a vision of the potential for the breed and the organization. This initial group consisted of: Bruce Hale, Ray Cooper, Sonny and Verla Mortensen, Kent Mortensen, John Frayne, Bill and Tamra Gibbons, Ellis Herz, Gary Jagoda, Joe Manning, Darrell Poodry, Hank and Betty Rozanek, Bob and Marylee Sloane, John Adamson, Merle Adams, Sharyn Baker, Bill Brundage, Gary Casino, Kevin Christensen, Jacqueline DeRoo, Lisa DeForest, Bill Fisher, Jerry Fisler, Bob Dussler, Ted and Marion Fischbach, Dr. Jim Fuller, Mike Murphy, Biz Saperstein, Greg Knight, Marty Small and Bill Watling.


The First National Vizsla Association National Classic ran at California City, CA under American Field sanction and judging standards.

1992 - 1994

Additional National Classics ran each year to earn Championship status.


The First NVA National Championship was held at Branched Oak, Nebraska.


Marks the 20th Anniversary of the National Vizsla Association with the addition of a National Amateur Championship along with an Eastern Shooting Dog Championship, Quail Championship and now a Western Championship in the making.


25th Anniversary of the National Championship now held at Grovespring MO

The National Vizsla Association is a member of the Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America.  Learn more about AFTCA

The National Vizsla Association is a member of the Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America. Learn more about AFTCA