Winner- Ch Kick Em Up "Kimber"Jarrett Bell and Allison Bell

RU Ch - S Wind Nothin Runs Like A Deere "Johnny"- Chet and Jody Beckley


CUTLER, ILL. — The 2016 National Vizsla Association National Quail Championship started October 30 on the Denmark grounds at Pyramid State Park in Cutler, Ill. This event continues to grow and drew another outstanding entry again in 2016 —  34 dogs for the Quail Championship and 19 in the Derby Classic.

Participants came from far and wide from Utah, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Iowa, and had a good representation of both professionals and amateurs alike.

Kick Em Up Kimber, Vizsla female owned by Jarrett and Allison Bell of Troy, Mo., was named winner in a very competitive field of 34 dogs. Kimber was handled by Jarrett and scouted by wife Allison. Kimber is not new to the winners’ circle and in her seven years has carded numerous AF and AKC titles.

S Wind Nothin Runs Like Deere, callname Johnny, four-year-old Vizsla male owned by Chet and Joanne Beckley of Colby, Kan., was handled by Joanne and scouted by husband Chet and was named the runner-up. This is Johnny’s first Championship win and I am sure only the beginning of a great career ahead of him. Looks like husband and wife teams had the magic recipe or mojo for success this year.

Judges for this year’s Championship were Mr. Kevin Stonehouse of Clay Center, Kan., and the ever personable Mr. Tom Davis of Sylvania, Ohio. Both of these gentlemen travel the country competing in both AF and AKC events in their respective breeds, Kevin a Brittany man and Tom with German shorthaired pointers. Both gentlemen have given back greatly to the sport of field trialing and have judged a number of championship events. Tom has been a pillar in the NGSPA community and continues to chair numerous AF championships for the breed and sits on their board of directors, as well as having been president and on the board of the German All Breed Championship. We greatly appreciate their sacrifice to judge this event and especially thankful for Tom filling in on short notice to replace one of our judges who could not attend.

Kudos go to Cha Hill and his small crew at Pyramid State Park for always setting up the Purina tent for us, and keeping the grounds in great shape with limited time and resources. Cover was a little thick this year due to plenty of rain and diminished cattle grazing but all the crops were out of the fields and made for nice transitions from area to area.

Special thanks to our wonderful sponsors: Purina Pro Plan dog food and rep Terry Trzcinski for stopping out and Greg Blair arranging food drop at Kellerman’s Supply for us. To Alan Davison of Dogs Unlimited Bird Dog Training Supplies for his continued support. Garmin and Warner Smith for the great training collar for our championship winner. The NVA and its participants greatly appreciate the support and help from these great companies.

Thank you to our event chairs and co-chairs and stake managers: Robert Tomczak, Justin Hess and Chad Chadwell. Much appreciation to many other key people who helped to keep this event running smoothly and my apologizes if I forget someone; Todd Meyer, Jamie Fountain, Karen Concilio, Sheri and Michael Pharris, Peter Coppens and Diane Rakers, and Jarrett Bell and Chad Chadwell for use of your 4-wheelers. Lori Rezzardi was our campground host and fee collector. Huge thanks to Nancy Browne for all her help with food and being my secret weapon.

Lastly, to all the great sportsmen and sportswomen who come out to compete and support this great Championship.


The champion, Kick Em Up Kimber, ran with Ramblin Rivers Rolling Stone, owned and handled by Bill Stapleton. This pair started on course No. 1 in brace No. 4, the first brace after lunch at 1:25. Both dogs hammered forward across the first corn field, crossing the creek and left down the bean field. At 10 Stone got birdy, knocked a bird to end his bid. Stone is a promising young dog and won the NVA Western Mortenson Derby Classic this last April. Kimber was running a nice consistent race making some nice big moves. Prior to the second road crossing after the pond, Kimber made a nice cast up the hill edge and point was called by Bell at 33.

Kimber stood stylish and intense as a small covey was flushed. She continued with a nice consistent forward race making a nice big move in the big bean field and was found standing at 54. A single was put to flight as she stood intensely. Kimber was turned loose and finished going hard to the front. Kimber has had many nice performances and has been in the winners’ circle on numerous occasions but in addition to the judges’ observations this was one of her best performances in this author’s opinion.

Runner-up S Wind Nothin Runs Like Deere, callname Johnny, was down in No. 7, the first brace of day No. 2, with Meyer’s Bella, handled by pro Carrie Syczylo and owned by Todd and Katy Meyer. The whistles sounded as these two were turned loose on course No. 1 on top of the hill behind camp in the picked corn field. Temperatures were very favorable for the dogs with a slight breeze blowing. Both dogs made their way down the left edge of the field adjacent to the pond. As they cleared the field, Bella made the turn but dug quickly into the woods. Johnny made the turn running the edge and crossed the creek into the picked bean field headed west. Bella could not be seen after the creek and Syczylo ultimately called for the retrieval unit at 25. Johnny ran a very pleasing race for the Beckley husband and wife team and handled beautifully around the course making some nice moves. Time was coming to a close on the hour as Johnny made the final road crossing casting down and disappearing to the front in the big bean field. The course swung left in the bean field and Chet rode forward from the turn finding Johnny standing nicely in the edge of the cover off the field at 55. A small covey flushed as handler Joanne, known as Jody to all, walked in front of her charge. Johnny stood nicely with all in order as time expired.

The judges also had many kind words about the development of our breed and verbally commended and in their notes commented on other fine performances in this Championship.

Other notable dogs were Another Mai Tai Please, Shiloh’s Holy Roller, Lundy’s Red Bull and Mira’s Mr. Playmaker.

Cutler, Ill., October 30

Judges: Thomas A. Davis and Kevin Stonehouse


Winner—KICK EM UP KIMBER, 1617822, female, by Sam I Am—Ck Peny. Jarrett & Allison Bell, owners; Jarett Bell, handler.

Runner-Up—S WIND NOTHIN RUNS LIKE DEERE, 1664967, male, by Remek’s Red Storm Rising—J B’s Asker Bout Birds. Chet & Joanne Beckley, owners; Joanne Beckley, handler.

Derby Classic

The Derby Classic drew a nice entry, nineteen young dogs.  The stake was officiated by returning judge Peter Coppens of Collinsville, Ill. Peter is active in the German shorthaired pointer community, judged a number of events and is the current president of the National German All Breed. Peter also generously helped pilot the dog wagon for the Championship, though my truck and water tank do not thank him. His judicial partner was Kevin Stonehouse.

The winner, Alpine’s Mischief Managed, callname Arya, is owned by Karen Concilio of East Dublin, Ga., and handled by Jamie Fountain. Arya ran in brace No. 3 with P F Teslas Hold’Em for owners Damon Daniels and Andrea Laria Stott of Indianapolis, Ind., and handled by newly turned pro Robert Tomczak. It was a very competitive brace. Both had a nice run and handled well but Arya stayed consistent the entire time and proved the better bird dog today. She carded two nice finds, a covey at 16 and a single at 28. Arya’s consistency and stylish finds proved to be what the judges were looking for to garner first. A few weeks prior she won the VCA AKC National Derby also.

Second  was Rrowdy, owned and handled by Mark Vitkauskas of Monee, Ill. Bracemate was C K’s Sis Gunner, owned and handled by Ron Chenoweth of Port Byron, Ill. They competed in brace No. 4 with Rrowdy having the more consistent polished performance of the two. Gunner ran big but out in the open fields at times and was erratic in pattern, getting out of pocket and from behind on occasion. Rrowdy had a  consistent run, carded two finds and finished nicely.  In this author’s opinion it was a very tightly contested Derby and I’m sure the judges were splitting hairs.

Next year an Amateur Classic will be added to this fine event. We hope to see everyone again October 29 through November 3, 2017 at the Denmark grounds of Pyramid State Park.

Judges: Peter Coppens and Kevin Stonehouse


1st—ALPINE’S MISCHIEF MANAGED, 1665247, female, by Mackey’s Trail Blazing Sitka—Vanguard’s Stella the Tornado. Karen Concilio, owner; Jamie Fountain, handler.

2d—RROWDY, 1668925, male, by C K Touchdown Guy—Kick Em Up Riley. Mark & Barbara Vitkauskas, owners; Mark Vitkauskas, handler.

3d—P F INDY BLAZE. [Placement Voided].

National Quail Derby Classic

Winner -Alpine's Mischief Managed "Arya" owned by Karen Concillio and handled by Jamie Fountain.

Second - RRowdy owned and handled by Mark Vitkuokas

Third - P.F Indy Blaze owned by Damon Daniels and Andrea Stott and handled by Robert Tomczak. 

1st Annual Quail Championship Dog and Horse Costume Contest Winners

Dog - Bullet O/H Jarrett Bell

Horse - Cash O/H Natalie Howard