The 2016 National Events for the National Vizsla Association kicked off with the welcome dinner at Mise’s Here It Is Restaurant in Grovespring, MO followed by the closing of entries and drawing of braces for the National Amateur Championship, National Derby Classic and the National Championship at the Southwest Missouri Sportsman’s Association Clubhouse at the grounds on Sunday March 13, 2016. This year marked the 22nd Running of the National Championship and Derby Classic along with the 18th Running of the National Amateur Championship. The opening event for the week was the National Amateur Championship that broke away Monday morning promptly at 8:00 AM. 2016 represents a quarter century of the National Vizsla Association Promoting the Vizsla as a High Class Bird Dog, and the week of March 14 through 20 certainly lived up to that objective. With dogs and handlers from all across the country and stellar performances in every stake it was easy to see that the fruits of selective breeding and hard work are paying big dividends. With a total of 95 entries in the three stakes, this year was a near record, but perhaps more important than the sheer numbers was the quality of the dogs.


Everyone knows that no event of this size happens without a lot of hard work on the part of a whole host of people starting several months in advance. The NVA is fortunate to have Brian Fidler of Oak Grove, MO who has served as Trial Chair for several years and again this year, heading up that team of dedicated enthusiasts to make this happen. Beginning back in the summer of 2015 Brian was coordinating getting judges lined up, applications filed with the State of Missouri and what seems to some like minor details checked off his list. A trial of this caliber must have top notch judges evaluating the performances of all the dogs and this year was certainly no exception. With Lou Qualtiere returning from Saskatoon, SK Canada teaming up with Howard Burbach of Pleasant Hill, MO for the National Amateur Championship and Alex Jacocks from Edmond, OK partnering with Bud Moore of Toronto, KS to adjudicate the Derby Classic and Open Championship, you would be hard pressed to find a better slate of judges for any championship. The combined experience of these four gentlemen is well over one hundred years and the number of dogs run under their watchful eyes would be above one thousand. They are also no strangers to championships with each having multiple assignments on their resume. Needless to say their attention to the dogs and professional courtesy to all in attendance was much appreciated and their decision were well received.


As mentioned above, events of this nature require a lot of work on the part of a lot of people and at the risk of leaving someone out I will try to recognize those who helped make this year’s event such a success. A Bird Dog Field Trial must have birds and with the help of Rob Tomczack, Todd Meyer, Mike Syczylo, Jarrett Bell, Justin Hess, Dustin Ochs and Brian Fidler himself there was no shortage of bird work throughout the week. With a regular cook at the Clubhouse no longer available Carrie, Mike, Carlie, Mikayle Syczylo, Stephanie & Kenzy Fidler, Allison & Jarrett Bell, Michelle & Justin Hess, Melissa & Bill Stapleton, Nancy Browne, Chad Chadwell and Sheri Pharris saw to it that lunches were prepared daily and the evening dinners were as good as any upscale restaurant. No one went hungry this week. Kenzy Fidler prepared the judges a hot breakfast each morning. To run this many dogs in a week you need reliable dog wagon drivers and Dustin Ochs along with Terry Trzcinski, the Nestle/Purina representative, insured that dogs were at the right place at the right time the entire week. Ray Cooper and Mark Johnson sponsored the Happy Hour prior to the Tuesday night Derby Calcutta to make sure everyone had enough adult beverages to insure their pocket books were loosened up, and with our largest Derby Pot to date it appeared to work.


Trials of this scope cost a lot of money and without the support of our dedicated sponsors it would be hard to make ends meet. Garmin/Tritronics and Nestle/Purina have been sponsors of The National Vizsla Association since our first National Classic in 1991. It’s always a pleasure to have Purina Representative, Terry Trzcinski at our events and in addition to his filling the driver’s seat of the dog wagon his knowledge of Purina Products is invaluable to all in attendance. The support of these two companies has grown over the years as our organization has grown and their support and products awarded to the winners is integral to our long term success. Dogs Unlimited and Christie Saddlery have also been long term sponsors who’s financial support and products are highly prized by participants. Part of this partnership between the NVA and our sponsors consists of product exclusivity as well as reciprocal support from our organization in the form of advertising in our Vizsla Field magazine and product purchases by our members and participants. We recognize the value of these relationships and do all we can to show our appreciation.


I would not be able to do this report without the excellent work of the scribes for each stake and the grit they showed all week to sit in the saddle and watch every brace. Our sincere gratitude goes to Phil Stout, Justin Hess and Vincent Tuttle for riding hard and taking such thorough notes for seven days. If you think being a Reporter or Scribe is easy, try it sometime. You ride hard all day long wearing out your horse and your backside. While everyone else is eating lunch you’re saddling up a fresh mount then grab a sandwich and a bottle of water to eat on your way to the starting line for the afternoon breakaway. Then you try your best to be in the right place at the right time to catch all the action without interfering with the dogs, the handlers or the judge’s view. Thanks guys for a great job. - Ray Cooper

National Amateur Championship


The National Amateur Championship began Monday morning as stated above with an entry of twenty five of the breed’s top dogs contending for the title. The owners, handlers and gallery were excited begin a week of both enjoyment and anticipation. The grounds at the Sportsman Association venue were in perfect condition as usual when the judges said, “Turn ’em loose.”


This year’s National Amateur Champion is no stranger to the winner’s circle and neither is his owner/handler. Laura Miller has owned and handled Lundy’s Red Bull since he was a pup. This year mark’s his second time to win this Championship just five months shy of his ninth birthday. During his stellar career Bull has won the NVA National Championship, National Runner-Up title, the AKC Breed Club National Field Championship title, been named Runner-Up twice, won their National Amateur Field Championship, their National Walking Gun Dog Championship, the Region 19 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship against a strong field of Pointers and Setters, multiple Amateur Shooting Dog Classics and is currently ranked Number 6 on the AFTCA list of qualifiers for the National Invitational Amateur Shooting Dog Championship. Should he remain on this list and be invited to this Championship he will be the first Vizsla in history to do so.


This year’s Runner-Up National Amateur Champion, Kick Em Up Bullet, owned by Allison and Jarrett Bell and handled by Jarrett, possesses an equally impressive record of wins including having won this Championship twice in the past and being named Runner-Up, as well as winning the NVA National Championship and being named Runner-Up along with holding the titles of Field Champion and Amateur Field Champion under the AKC banner. These two dogs are beatable, but if you’re going to beat ‘em you better put your “Big Boy Britches” on when you get up in the morning.


The Running


Brace 1

1A Bling (Bling Bling)/Jarrett Bell

1B Ty (Another Mai Tai Please)/Chad Chadwell

Breakaway was at 8:03am on a crisp, partly cloudy morning with temps of 54°. At 7 minutes Bling and Ty were found pointing and the judges ruled it a divided find. Jarrett and Chad entered the cover and flushed the bird. Ty was steady to the shot. Bling was found standing with Ty honoring after the first road crossing. An unsuccessful attempt to locate the bird, Jarrett elected to relocate Bling. As Bling attempted to pin the location of the bird, she had a bird infraction and was ordered up. Chad moved on with Ty and at 45 minutes, in the corner at the botom of Horse Killer Hill, Ty had a bird infraction and was ordered up.


Brace 2

2A Swagger (Hunting With A Lil Swagger)/Jarrett Bell

2B Guy (CK Touchdown Guy)/Ron Chenoweth

Breakaway was at 9:05am, and at the 14 minute mark Guy was found standing with Swagger honoring. Ron went into cover, located the bird and flushed it. Guy and Swagger stood solid through the shot and both were moved on. At 38 minutes, Swagger had a bird infraction and was ordered up. After Guy’s earlier find, Ron rode the course and utilized his scout extensively trying to get Guy to show. At 58 minutes the judge handed the tracker to Ron as Guy was out of contention.


Brace 3

3A Rossi (BGK’s Blinged up Rossi) o/h Jarrett Bell

3B May-C (Fidler’s May See Me May Not) o/h Brian Fidler

Breakaway was at 10:19am. At the 12 minute mark, Rossi was ordered up after a breach of manners on a bird. May-C continued hunting, however at 43 minutes her handler elected to pick her up.


Monday, March 14th, Afternoon Braces

The afternoon weather was partly cloudy, a slight breeze, but much warmer with high temperatures reaching the 70’s


Brace 4

4A Sis (Ciara Markham)/Brian Fidler

4B Stone (Ramblin Rivers Rolling Stone)/Bill Stapleton

Breakaway was at 1:05pm. At 23 minutes, Sis was found standing. Stone moved into the cover, failed to honor Sis’ find and went on point in front of Sis. Brian flushed the bird and Sis had one hop as she turned to mark the flight of the bird. The judges elected to leave Stone down to continue as they felt that the cover and fallen trees may have prevented Stone from actually seeing Sis on point. Stone was ordered up at 40 minutes for a bird infraction. Sis was missing when time was called, however Brian’s trusty scout Stephanie brought Sis forward to show the judges before the 5 minutes were expired.


Brace 5

5A Kimber (Kick’m Up Kimber)/Jarrett Bell

5B Bishop (Hillbillie’s New Hope)/Rob Tomczak

Breakaway was at 2:12pm. At 5 minutes Kimber was found on point. Relocated once, then a second time. Kimber was unable to pin the bird and was moved on by Jarrett, recording a nonproductive. At 38 minutes, the tracker was pulled and Rob began the search for Bishop. Kimber was using the country to her advantage, however the birds proved elusive as she recorded her second non-productive and was picked up by Jarrett.


Note: Jeff Zenas decided that his horse needed some water, so he rode the horse up to the pond prior to getting to the double barns. Jeff’s horse, not satisfied with drinking a little water at the bank, decided that he was so hot that he wanted to take a swim. The horse swam to the middle of the pond and back to the bank, with Jeff still in the saddle. Jeff, now wet up to his chest, is rumored to still have his boots

filled with water.


Brace 6

6A Bullet (Kick’m Up Bullet)/Jarrett Bell

6B Blue (Shiloh’s Red White and Blue)/Rob Tomczak

Breakaway was at 3:27pm. 34 min, scout Allison Bell found Bullet standing on point in a briar patch. Although Jarrett braved the thick cover, he was unable to produce a bird. Jarrett decided to relocate Bullet but he couldn’t pin down the bird(s), so Jarrett decided to take Bullet on. At 23 minutes, Blue was picked up by Rob due to effects of the heat. At 54 minutes, Bullet was found standing in the far right corner at the line by the pond across from Sycamore Bottoms. Jarrett located and flushed the bird, Bullet standing through the shot. Bullet was moved on to finish the hour. Bullet’s use of the terrain and application during the hour along with his manners on his find earned him the Runner-Up title this year.


Tuesday, March 15th, Morning Braces

Note: Due to bitches in season, Brace 7 will run towards the end of the day after all males have completed running their braces.


Brace 8

8A Seger (Ramblin River’s Ramblin Man)/Bill Stapleton

8B Buck (CK Countryside Buck)/Ron Chenoweth

Breakaway was at 8:09am on a crisp, clear cloudy morning with temps of 57°. Both dogs had a nice breakaway. At 13 minutes Buck was seen with a bird in his mouth and was ordered up. Although Seger hunted the territory, birds proved elusive and Seger finished the hour birdless.


Brace 9

9A Marko (Reuben’s Midnight Marko)/Paul Howard

9B Trouble (Shiloh’s Southern Reckonin)/Bonita Austin

Breakaway was at 9:27am, at the gate at the Little Vine Loop. At 14 minute mark, Marko was found on point in the creek by scout Jarrett Bell. As Paul attempted to flush the bird, it ran up the embankment under the tree branches. As Paul plowed through the branches, the bird flushed and Marko took a few hops at the shot. Marko was ordered up. At 17 minutes we entered Sycamore Bottom. At the 33 minute mark, Trouble’s handler elected to pick her up.


Brace 10

10A Bogart (Crimson’s Don’t Bogart That Joint)/Bill Stapleton

10B Pete (Timbercreek’s Billy The Kid)/Mark Calder

Breakaway was at 10:15am from the Double Barn. At the 10 minute mark, scout Jarrett Bell’s horse flushed a huge, wild covey near the pond in front of the old house and barn.

At 34 minutes, Bogart bumped a bird & chased. He was ordered up by the Judge.

At 44 minutes, as we came out of Sycamore Bottom and passed through the double gate on Course 3, top side of Course 1, Pete was making game along the tree line and slammed on point. Handler Mark Calder attempted to locate the bird in the short brush, however was unsuccessful. Mark chose to relocate Pete, and as Pete moved between the two nearby trees he bumped the hiding bird. Pete was ordered up.


Tuesday, March 15th, Afternoon Braces

The afternoon weather was partly cloudy and warm, with the temperature at 78° and a slight steady breeze. The wind would continue to strengthen as the day wore on.


Brace 11

11A Sig (BGK Red Hot Lead)/Justin Hess

11B Tex (Saginaw Redneck Cowboy)/Mark Johnson

Breakaway was at 1:07pm. At 9 minutes, Tex was found on point at the left edge before the first creek crossing on Course 1. Mark entered the cover, found and flushed the birds, Tex took a small hop on the shot but it was acceptable to the judges and Tex was left down to continue. At the 13 minute mark, Tex was found standing, with Sig coming in to honor. Mark again flushed up 2 birds and both dogs stood through the shot.

At the 17 minute mark, Tex was found on point with Sig honoring after the first creek crossing & around the first curve. Mark moved in and flushed 2 birds up, with Tex and Sig spinning to mark the flight of the birds, but neither had forward movement. Moved on … At the right corner of the tree line before the entrance to Davis Bottom, Sig was found standing with Tex honoring at the 22 minute mark. Justin moved in to the cover and flushed 1 bird. Both dogs were steady through the shot and again were moved on.

At 29 minutes, at the first tree line perpendicular to the horse path in Davis Bottom, Tex was found standing with Sig honoring. As Mark searched the tree line, 3 birds began running, refusing to fly. Mark made a valiant effort, but those birds escaped on foot. Tex took 2 small steps during Mark’s attempt to flush, and Mark whoa’d him to a stop. Sig was steady through the shot. Both dogs moved on. At the 52 minute mark, Sig was seen standing 3/4 of the way up Horse Killer Hill on point. Justin tried but couldn’t produce the bird and Sig was charged with a non-productive. Everyone re-mounted their

steeds and trudged up the last quarter of Horse Killer Hill. At 58 minutes, Tex was found standing in an island of trees in the middle of Apple Tree Hill with Sig honoring. Mark was able to produce the bird, and as the handlers were releasing the dogs to move on, time was called by the judges. Both dogs finished the hour.


Brace 12

12A Bull (Lundy’s Red Bull)/Laura Miller

12B Kayla (Midnight Run’s Probable Cause)/Jeff Zenas

Breakaway was at 2:24pm.

At the 25 minute mark, Kayla was found on point at the 1st tree crossing after entering Sycamore Bottom with Bull honoring. Both handlers entered the heavy cover to look for birds, with Jeff locating and flushing a single bird. Both handlers fired, however Kayla was awarded the find by the judges. At 32 minutes, Bull was located on point. Laura produced the pointed bird and Bull was steady through the shot. At 35 minutes, Bull again was found on point in the chute just after Double Barn. Laura dismounted and

attempted to locate the bird, but as she approached the hill on the left of the horse path, a wild bird covey flushed. There must have been at least 20 birds in that covey. All was handled well and Bull was moved on. At the 38 minute mark, Kayla was found on point after passing through the last gate before the Blue House with Bull standing on honor at the gate opening. While the handlers approached, a covey of wild birds flushed on their own. Jeff dismounted his horse and fired his gun, and both dogs were steady through the shot. At the 42 minute mark, Bull was seen on point approximately 50 yards before the Blue House on the left fence row, with Kayla pointing/honoring. Because the way Kayla was standing and the direction of where she was looking, the Judges were not sure whether Kayla was honoring Bull from about 20 yards away, or whether she had her own birds and was on point. The judges elected to have both handlers try to locate their own dogs’ birds. Laura found and flushed Bull’s bird, while Jeff was unable to locate a bird for Kayla, so the Judges awarded Kayla with the honor. Both dogs were steady through the shot and were moved on. At 48 minutes, Bull was seen pointing into a thick briar patch on the left side of horse path past Blue House. As Laura plowed into the thickets, the judge dismounted his horse for a better view. As the judge watched, Laura was able to maneuver & get close enough for the birds to take flight. Bull was

steady through the shot and was moved on. Bull’s 4 find performance, range and use of the available territory along with his exemplary manners earned him this year’s title of National Amateur Campion.


Both dogs finished the hour.


Brace 7

7A Mia (Cali’s Wiki Mai Tai at Sunset)/Chad Chadwell

7B Lexus (Twenty Gauge Over-N-Under)/Vincent Tuttle

Breakaway was at 3:38pm at the bottom of the hill approaching the Double Barn.

At the 2 minute mark, at the top of the hill in the tree line to the right of the Double Barns, both dogs were seen chasing birds and were ordered up.


Brace 13

13A Ellie Mae (Burr Oak’s Ellie Mae)/Jim Gingrich

13B Bye

Breakaway was at 3:50pm at the Double Barns.

At the 10 minute mark, Ellie may was seen standing in the hedgerow before the double gate on Course 3. Jim was able to find the bird and flush, with Ellie Mae having perfect manners on her bird. At the 15 min mark, Ellie Mae was again found pointing into cover on the front edge of Course 3 across from Andy Daugherty’s home. Again, Ellie Mae was solid through the shot and was moved on. Ellie Mae continued a nice forward race, using the wind to her advantage, running the edges and ducking into cover as she needed to try and locate additional birds. Unfortunately the birds proved to be

elusive over the remainder of the course. At 4:50 pm Ellie May finished the hour.

National Derby Classic


The National Amateur Championship was followed by the National Derby Classic commencing on Wednesday morning. This stake always brings a certain level of excitement beginning the night before with a Calcutta that attracts both owners and a wide array of people interested in the future potential of the breed. Over the years this has amounted to some serious bidding for the dogs and the chance to claim bragging rights for picking winners. This year was no different with a record pot for an impressive list of quality young dogs. With a 39 dog entry, everyone knew this year’s stake would be one to watch.


This year’s winner came in Brace 20, the final brace of the stake, under the whistle of Jamie Fountain, his handler, with CK Post Route Scout, owned by Mike Behr, running as a bye dog. Scout ran and handled the course like a mature dog, always being in the right place. His first find came at about 400 yards to the front when he swapped ends with incredible style. It was obvious he had his bird well located and pinned down, holding point through the flush. His second find was much the same with him swapping ends again with equal style, being once again steady through the flush. Those who watched knew he had just nailed the door shut on this year’s excellent Derby Classic.

This year’s Runner-up title went to Against the Winds Lock and Load, Jackie, owned by Mark Sullivan and handled by Carrie Syczylo in the tenth brace. She had a nice forward race with 3 finds steady through the flush, but could not best the winner this year.

The Second Runner-up nod went to CK Too Hot Too Handle, Cayenne, owned by Bryan Adams and handled by Brian Gingrich. She had a huge race with one stylish find. She stood her bird with style through the flush and her race earned her this placement.

Brace 1

1A Ginger (CK Guy’s Hot N Spicy) o/h Ron Chenoweth

1B Cowboy (Hillbillie's High Noon)o/h Bonita Austin

Ginger broke away strong to the front with bracemate Cowboy. They were last seen just before the creek crossing.

2A Legacy (CK Smiley’s Legacy) o/Roger Acuff h/ Carrie Syczylo

2B Ranger (Burr Oak's Redneck Ranger) o/Jim Gingrich h/ Brian Gingrich

Legacy had her running gear on and the handler had to pull the tracker. Ranger had some nice moves but showed his youth at times.

3A Jedi (P.F. Jedi Field master) o/ Damon Daniels h/ Carrie Syczylo

3B Sassy/(Fidler’s CK Kiss My Sasafras) o/h Brian Fidler

Jedi and Sassy had a nice brace with the first bird of the day. Jedi had two finds with a moderate race and Sassy had one find with a mature and pleasing ground race.

4A Jones (Durite’s Indiana Jones) o/ Greg Soderberg h/ Carrie Syczylo

4B Diesel (Fidler’s Fight to the Finish) o/Kenzy Fidler h/Brian Fidler

Jones and Diesel broke away fast, running big, and staying to the edges. Diesel had three finds with one being a big covey of wild birds. Jones looked nice but had no birds.

5A Katie (Durite’s Katy Kat) o/ Tricia Sederholm h/ Syczylo

5B Gringo (Burr Oak's Gringo) o/ Jim Gingrich h/ Brian Gingrich

Katie and Gringo both ran around nice but they went birdless.

6A Tango (On the Target) o/ Jason Whitfield h/ Syczylo

6B Ragin (Fidler’s CK Ragin Bull) o/h Fidler

Tango and Ragin handled nicely. Ragin pointed a covey and a couple of singles.

7A Bella (Meyer’s Bella) o/ Todd Meyer h/ Carrie Syczylo

7B Cal (Mia’s Hour of Kahlua) o/h Chad Chadwell

Bella had a good ground race and nice manners on her birds. Cal ran well with two finds.

8A Reno (Grid Iron Gal) o/h Vincent Tuttle

8B Rusty (WindDance Bull Fighter) o/ Jay Hunt h/ Jamie Fountain

Reno had three finds with one stylish point. Handler pulled the tracker on Rusty after a lengthy absence.

9A Merlot (Shawnee's Vintage Red Lion) o/ Joe FitzSimmons h/ Brian Gingrich

9B Arya (Alpine’s Mischief Managed) o/ Karen Concillo h/ Jamie Fountain

Merlot had three finds and Arya had one.

10A Shaka (Pele’s Wiki Aloha Spirit) o/h Chad Chadwell

10B Jackie (Against the Winds Lock and Load) o/ Mark Sullivan h/ Carrie Syczylo

Jackie had good application and handled three finds to the flush that awarded her the RU of the Derby classic. Shaka was picked up early after the last road crossing.

11A Finn (Finnegan's Wake) o/ Dags Hinrichs h/ Brian Gingrich

11B Boogie (CK Sis's Wiki Wiki Surfer Dude)o/h Chadwell

Finn was picked up by his handler early. Boogie ran huge, making some of the biggest moves of the Derby but didn’t produce any birds. Boogie will be a favorite next year for sure.

12A Cayenne (CK Too Hot Too Handle) o/Bryan Adams h/Gingrich

12B Boomer (Saginaw Redneck Boomer) o/ Mark Johnson h/ Jamie Fountain

Cayenne ran big, staying on her lines and had a very stylish point. Cayenne received second RU for her nice run. Boomer ran well but went birdless.

13A Gauge (Hillbillie's Standard) o/ Lisa Riddle h/ Brian Gingrich

13B Seye (WindDance Hit a Bullseye) o/ Phil & Carole Stout h/ Jamie Fountain

Gauge and Seye both had bird contact. Seye had a very good run.

14A Ripley (WC Hillbillie's Ripley) o/ Bridget Nielson h/ Brian Gingrich

14B Penny (Windance Top Bull) o/ Henry Long h/ Jamie Fountain

Ripley and Penny ran nicely but produced no birds.

15A Taza (Burr Oak's Taza ) o/Jim Gingrich h/ Brian Gingrich

15B Nash (WindDance Bull at the Gate) o/ Allison & Dean Alexander h/Fountain

Taza and Nash both ran well producing no birds.

16A Riot (Vanguard’s Tradition Breaker) o/h Jessica Mackey

16B Briar (BGK Briar In Boot) o/h Justin Hess

Riot had three finds in the timber. Riot pointed one bird with great style but the bird popped before the judge could see it. Briar had two finds, both of which he showed amazing style.

17A Blaze (PF Indy Blaze) o/ Damon Daniels h/ Carrie Syczylo

17B China (WindDancce China Bull) o/ Phil & Carole Stout h/ Jamie Fountain

Blaze had a couple of finds but flushed them at a good distance from the handler. China had one find.

18A Vixen (CK Jane) o/h Jessica Mackey

18B Stone (Ramblin River’s Rollin Stone) o/h Bill Stapleton

Vixen hunted hard but was not seen pointing birds. Stone ran his lines well but finished without any birdwork that produced birds.

19A Kip (Tonka Midbone Khokkiphapi) o/ Stella Lang h/ Jamie Fountain

19B Derby (Islandtime’s Kentucky Derby) o/Paul Gryce h/ Carrie Syczylo

Derby had a couple of nice points that produced birds. Kip showed some nice moves but went birdless.

20A Scout (CK Post Route Scout) o/ Mike Behr h/ Jamie Fountain

20B Bye

Scout ran and handled the course very well, always being in the right place. Scout’s first find came about 400 yds away. He swapped ends with incredible style, holding point to the flush. Scout’s second find was much the same way swapping ends with great style. Scout was named the winner of the NVA National Derby Classic for this performance.

National Open Championship


The National Championship, with a 33 dog entry, followed the National Derby Classic commencing on Friday morning with Brace 1 at 8:02 am and a temperature of 44°F.



This year’s winner came in Brace 4, Kick’m Up Kimber owned and handled by Jarrett Bell and scouted by Allison Bell.

This year’s Runner-up title went to Burr Oak’s Reve owned by Jim Gingrich and handled by Brian Gingrich in the twelfth brace.


1A May-C (Fidler’s May See Me May Not) o/h Brian Fidler

1B Buck (CK Countryside Buck) o/h Ron Chenoweth

May-C broke away hard to the front. Buck had a find, with good style, on a bird in a tree before the first creek crossing. May-C took a right turn before the second creek crossing and the scout was sent to locate her. Buck had a second finds at 15 min to the left after the first creek crossing. May-C was collected before the road crossing returning to the front at 26 min. Buck had his third find at the end of Davis Bottoms at 27 min with high headed style. May-C was picked up by her handler at 29 min. Buck continued on to have his fourth find at 42 min at the base of Horse Killer Hill. Buck finished the hour



2A Tori (Broadrun’s Tornado at Winddance) o/Phil & Carole Stout h/Jamie Fountain

2B Sitka (Mackey’s Trail Blazing Sitka) o/h Jessica Mackey

Both dogs broke away working the wind at the top of Little Vine Loop. At 14 min Sitka was on point with Tori backing. Handler elected to relocate Sitka but failed to produce a bird. Both dogs were still working the high wind when Tori had her first find at 23 min on the right side before the double gate with Sitka backing. At 29 min Sitka was found standing at the top of the hill before the Twin barns with Tori backing, all was in order. Again Sitka was found standing with Tori backing just past the Twin barns but the handler had a hard time flushing and chose to relocate Sitka. No bird was produced and the handler elected to pick Sitka up. Meanwhile, Tori was moved on and had two more finds at 48 and 59 min and completed the hour.


3A Bull (Lundy’s Red Bull) o/h Laura Miller

3B Marko (Reuben’s Midnight Marko) o/h Paul Howard

The recorder had an error at the end of the previous brace. These notes are from the judges.

Bull had 4 finds including one large wild covey of 10 to 15 birds. Ran and held his lines nicely. Marko had 2 finds but failed to back at 57 min and the handler elected to pick up.


After lunch, the weather was cloudy and a temperature of 49°F, brace 4 broke away at 1:06pm on course 1.


4A Kayla (Midnight Run’s Probable Cause) o/Jeff Zenas h/Brian Gingrich

4B Kimber (Kick’m Up Kimber) o/h Jarrett Bell

Kayla had her first find of a pair of birds, at 15 min just past the second creek crossing, with very nice style. At 19 min, Kimber was found standing to the right after the road crossing with great style. In Davis Bottoms, at 25 min, Kayla had a find with Kimber backing. Kimber was found standing on top of Horse Killer Hill at 40 min with great style, Kayla backing. At 45 min, Kayla was found standing with Kimber backing just before Little Vine Loop. Again Kayla was found standing by the pond in Little Vine Loop at 52 min but no bird was produced. Meanwhile, at 52 min Kimber had a limb find in a far corner of Little Vine Loop and two birds produced. At 59 min, Kimber was found standing with Kayla backing. Both dogs finished the hour strongly to the front.



5A Bogart (Crimson’s Don’t Bogart That Joint) o/h Bill Stapleton

5B Pete (Timbercreek’s Billy The Kid) o/Mark Calder h/Jamie Fountain

Bogart had his first find at 1 min just before Sycamore Bottoms. At 5 min, Bogart was found standing to the left side of Sycamore Bottoms but no bird was produced. At 7 min, Pete was found standing in the right-hand corner of Sycamore Bottoms, all in order. Pete had a limb find after the Bull Pasture. Both dogs stopped to water at the Twin Barns and then were taken on at 43 min. At 53 min Bogart’s handler elected to pick him up. At 54 min, Pete was found standing a wild covey of 10-12 birds with nice style at the top of the Buffet Line, all in order. Pete finished the hour with a non-productive on the west edge of the Buffet Line.


6A Sis (Ciara Markham) o/ John Markham h/ Brian Fidler

6B Seger (Ramblin River’s Ramblin Man) o/h Bill Stapleton

Seger and Sis broke away at the Buffet Line. At 1 min Seger was seen under a bird. At 4 min, Sis was found standing, handler relocated Sis but no bird was produced. At 6 min, Sis was seen under a bird and so ended her bid.


Saturday, 32°F and partly sunny, brace 7 broke away at 8:19am on Course 1.


7A Bling (Bling Bling) o/h Jarrett Bell

7B Ellie Mae (Burr Oak’s Ellie Mae) o/Jim Gingrich h/Brian Gingrich

At 7 min Bling had a find just before the first creek crossing with Ellie Mae backing, both with good style. Ellie Mae was then found standing at the Buffet Line at 14 min, birds produced and all was in order. Again Ellie Mae had a find, all in order, at the end of Davis Bottoms. At 25 min the tracker was pulled for Bling. At 26 min Ellie Mae had a unproductive. At 37 min, Ellie Mae had a stop-to-flush in the Island Field. Ellie Mae completed the hour.


8A Bullet (Kick’m Up Bullet) o/h Jarrett Bell

8B Red (Bangert's Red Baron) o/ Pat Bangert h/Brian Gingrich

At 7 min, Bullet was found standing just after Little Vine Loop, bird produced, all in order. Bullet had his second find after the crossing at 13 min, he was relocated and the bird was buried in deep but was produced. At 19 min Red bump a bird at the end of Sycamore Bottoms. Bullet crossed the road leaving Sycamore Bottoms but was not sighted again and the tracker was called for at 24 min.


9A Abby (Vanguard’s Make Her Mark) o/ Roger Acuff h/ Carrie Syczylo

9B Rocko (Upwind Tonka Geode) o/ Stella Lang h/ Fountain

At 12 min, Rocko made a huge swing to the left after the Twin Barns, and was found standing at the base of the pond. Handler went in to flush and Rocko took steps. Handler elected to pick up. Abby had a find in the Bull Pasture with all in order. At 15 min, Abby was found standing. Abby was again found standing just past the Twin barns. Her handler unable to produce the bird relocated Abby. Upon relocation Abby bumped a bird and her bid was up.


After lunch, brace 10 broke away on course 1. It was 55°F and sunny.


10A Guy (CK Touchdown Guy) o/Ron Chenoweth j/ Brian Gingrich

10B Boss (Millstar’s Boss Of The Plains) o/ Melissa Thomas h/ Jamie Fountain

Guy’s first find came at 6 min, just before the creek crossing, with Boss backing. At 10 min, Boss had a find of a 12 bird covey on the Buffet Line, his style was nice and all in order. At 10 min, Guy was heading to the second creek crossing when a bird popped on him. Guy stopped but another bird flew over his head and he took about 5 steps and his handler elected to pick up. At 15 min, Boss had a find to the right after the road crossing, all in order, Fountain watered Boss and they moved ahead. Boss had his third find at the end of Davis Bottoms at 20 min with nice style, 3-4 birds produced and all in order. Fountain stopped to water Boss after the Island Field at 35 min. Boss completed the hour.


11A Case (A CaseXX for JT Becker) h/Fountain

11B Sig (BGK Red Hot Lead) o/h Justin Hess

At 27 min, Sig had his first find slamming on point after a relocation by handler. A bird was produced and all was in order. Case’s first point came at 34 min in the cedars before the Blue House. Sig backed, the bird was flushed and all was in order. At 41 min, Sig was found standing beyond the Blue House, the bird was located by the handler and clean birdwork completed. At 59 min, sig was found standing down the hill from the Twin Barns, he was relocated and time was called. Case backed and was moved on during the relocation to finish the hour.


12A Reve (2xRUCH Burr Oak's Reve) o/ Jim Gingrich h/Brian Gingrich

12B Mia (Cali’s Wiki Mai Tai at Sunset) o/h Chad Chadwell

Mia and Reve broke away from the Twin Barns on Course 3. At 10 min, Mia was found standing on the Buffet Line but it was unproductive. Mia pointed again 100 yds from where she first stopped and a covey of 3 birds took flight, all in order. Reve was found standing at 13 min, unfortunately Mia failed to back and was picked up. Reve’s bird was flushed, all in order for Reve and she continued on. At 19 Reve had a second find. Reve’s third find came at 52 min, all in order. She finished the hour strong.


Sunday morning, 31°F, cloudy with early flurries. Brace 13 broke away at 8am.


13A Rossi (BGK’s Blinged up Rossi) o/h Jarrett Bell

13B Kate (Shawnee’s Golden Lioness) o/ Joe FitzSimmons h/Brian Gingrich

Rossi broke away down the right line taking the front hard. Kate was found standing in the open just before the first creek crossing at 6 min. Her handler relocated her and flushed the bird. All in order. Kate continued on to have a second find in Davis Bottom, at 25 min, with Rossi backing. At 30 min, Rossi had an unproductive in the Island Field. Rossi had a productive find with all in order just past the deer stand at 38 min. At the top of Little Vine Loop Rossi had turned left and by 54 min her handler pulled the tracker. Kate had her third find at 55 min at the bottom of Little Vine Loop and went on to finish the hour.


14A Ty (Another Mai Tai Please) o/h Chad Chadwell

14B Bam Bam (Burr Oak's BamBam) o/ Jim Gingrich h/ Brian Gingrich

At 3 min Ty had his first find all in order. Bam Bam’s first find came at 8 min at the end of Sycamore Bottoms. At 14 min Ty had his second find in thick cover before the Twin Barns. Ty’s third find came, after a lengthy flush, at 17 min just after the Twin barns, all was in order. At 28 min, Bam Bam was found standing in the Bull Pasture, the bird flew before the handler got down the flush, Ty failed to honor Bam Bam. Ty’s handler picked him up. At 54 min, Bam Bam had a find in the Buffet Line. Bam Bam’s fourth find was a wild covey produced after relocation at 57 min.


15A Sherwin (Durite’s Surewin) o/Roger Acuff h/ Carrie Syczylo

15B (Driver) Mira's Mr. Playmaker - Michel Berner

Brace 15 broke away on course 3 just past the Buffet Line. Driver first find came early at 45 seconds, 100 yds beyond the Buffet Line. At 4 min Sherwin was seen under several birds by the cemetery and his bid was up. Driver’s second find was just past the cemetery at 5 min and all was in order. Unfortunately, at 7 min, Driver was seen under birds.


16A Swagger (Hunting With A Lil Swagger) o/h Jarrett Bell

16B Remy (Remy Martin Long) o/ Henry Long h/Fountain

Swagger and Remy broke away on Course 1 at 11am, in over cast conditions of 45°F. At 7 min, Remy had his first find in the pocket to the left of the first creek crossing with all in order. Remy had his second find beyond the creek crossing with all in order again at 10 min. Swagger was found standing at 11 min on the Buffet Line and her bird was worked with all in order. At 15 min Swagger returned with a bird in her mouth just before the road crossing. At 18 min, Remy was found standing to the right of the road crossing. He was pointing a long way off the bird and when it was flushed it flew over his head but he held. Two birds were produced from Remy’s fourth find in Davis Bottoms at 18 min. Remy’s final find came at 36 min at the base of Horse Killer Hill with all in order. Remy completed the hour.


17A Hootie (DuRite's Covey Rise) h/Syczylo

17B Bye

Hootie broke away from Little Vine Loop. Hootie worked deep into the timber along Sycamore Bottoms and was rewarded with a nice find all in order. 10 yds forward Hootie pointed again and upon relocation a rabbit flushed. High on the hill beyond the double gates Hootie was found standing at 19 min, a wild covey was flushed with all in order. Standing again at 24 min before the Twin Barns, the bird flushed before the handler approached and Hootie held tight. Hootie was last seen after the Twin Barns and his tracker was pulled at 43 min.