MVSD Championship

JWinner of the 2017 MVSDC--Scout (Owner Jim Gingrich) handled by Brian Gingrich
Runner Up--Kayla (Owner/Handler Jeff Zenas)

The 2017 Midwest Vizsla Shooting Dog Championship was held again at the beautiful Ionia Recreation Area in Ionia, Michigan on September 27th 2017. This event is sponsored by the National Vizsla Association and the AFTCA. Judges are Joe Cammisa from Butler, PA and John Hott from Hoopeston, IL. This one hour Championship event was filled by 19 entries of Vizslas from many parts of the USA. Many of the dogs already holding titles of Field Champions, Am. Field Champions, National Champions (AF), and previous MVSDC winners. Competition was keen and exciting to all participants.

This years championship was chaired by Chad Chadwell and Nancy Browne, smoothly run by this dedicated pair of Vizsla enthusiasts. Also sharing committee duties from this championship, Jeff and Julie Zenas, Shari Pharris, and Ron and Denise Chenoweth. And many others chipped in to help with the events needs.

The Winners

CK Post Route Scout was named the Winner of the 2017 MVSDC. Owned by James Gingrich and handled by his son, Brian Gingrich, Scout is the son of NCH NFC DC CK Touchdown Guy and Vanguard’s Make-Her-Mark “Abbey”. The Judges felt this young dog was exceptional in his forward run, flowing movement and intense presentation. This 3 year old Vizsla has been in the winners circle many times in the last 2 years. He was the NVA’s National Derby Winner in 2016, and returned to that same event in 2017 to win the National Championship. Days before this event, Scout and Brian had just returned from GSP Event in Branched Oak, NE, in which Scout won a 38 Open Gun Dog stake, giving him the honor of Field Champion Title. Jim Gingrich’s young dog has many promising years ahead.

Runner-Up Champion was Kayla, Owned by Jeff and Julie Zenas, and handled by Jeff, scouted by Julie. Midnights Run’s Probable Cause “Kayla” is by Wegler’s Crown Royal x Rio Le Rouge, a young 5 year old female also a frequent winners circle attendee. Kayla was the Midwest Vizsla Futurity Winner as a young derby dog. Her steadiness, application to the hunt and presentation was the judges keen observation of her RU championship run. She was always to the front and steadily hunting for game. She had 5 bird finds and 2 honors in her early morning 2nd brace run.

Sky’s were clear and the morning was cool 72 degrees as the first brace released at 8:30am. Bangert’s Red Baron, owned by Pat Bangert and handled by Brian Gingrich was the top brace Vizsla for this run. Red is a son of NCH NFC DC CK Touchdown Guy x Heidi Go Seek Jones. Bottom dog was “Bella” Owned by

And handled by Carrie Syczylo. Bella is a daughter of . Both dogs released strongly, Red moving immediately forward into bird field, Bella working lines independently in front of handler. Bella has the first point 13 minutes into the brace. She holds steady and completes her application successfully with her handler. Bella is moved forward and released.

Red found in front running large lines into the Heines Field area. At center field, Brian calls point, but is unsuccessful in finding a bird. Red is moved on thru the keyhole into the upper large pastures. Moving and covering ground and hunting lines hard. Bella is found on her 2nd point, bird found and Bella holds true. Both dogs are moving forward with great runs.

At 25 minutes, Red is found on point along treeline, Bella holding honor. Both dogs complete bird find steady and intense. Dogs released Red moving forward into large hunting field, Bella working to the left treeline. Both dogs watered and sent thru the closer fields and across the bridge.

At 20 min. Bella forward and Red appears at left field working lines. Both dogs continuing thru tighter fields. Working well for handlers. Last field to end of one hour run, last 10 min. Red found on point, stanch hold. Bird found and handler moves Red onto last run.

Both dogs complete this run forward and in site with good energy and handling well.

2nd Brace released at the upper fields on Ionia Recreation area to work back to the field house. Red collared dog is NCH NFC DC CK Touchdown Guy (Touchdown Kid x Shiloh’s Happy Go Lucky) owned by Ron and Denise Chenoweth, handled by Brian Gingrich. Yellow collared dog is Midnight Run’s Probable Cause “Kayla” (Wegler’s Crown Royal x Rio Le Rouge) owned by Jeff and Julie Zenas, handled by Jeff. Released by handlers, Guy moves quickly forward boldly, Kayla hits the right field focused on bird hunting. At 4 min. into hunt Jeff calls point on Kayla, steady and true, bird is found and Kayla is released by hand onto the next line. At 6 min. Guy is found stylish on point, holding steady, handling well. Released, both dogs working forward.

At 12 min. into hunt Guy found on point, Kayla honoring well. Bird found and shots fired. Both dogs handle well and are released into first large field. In 5 min. Guy again is found on course and on point. Kayla is honoring steady. Advanced forward and released both dogs working forward.

30 min. into hunt Guy again found on point, stylish and steady. Released thru wooded trail pass into larger fields. Kayla working closely finding her 2nd point, stanch and steady.

Coming thru the last large fields, Guy and Kayla found on point. Guy stopping after Kayla’s point, did not honor her point. Guy picked up. Kayla completes the successful third bird find, released. At 4 min left to brace Kayla finds another bird, again completes the find successfully, and released forward. Again finds her fifth bird, holding well. Handler unable to find bird. NP.

Kayla completes her brace forward, steady and stylish, working well with her handler.

3rd Brace includes top dog CK Too Hot To Handle “Cayanne” (CK Rebel Rouser ET’s Born Again x CK Touchdown Sis) owned by Bryan Adams and handled by Brian Gingrich. Bottom Vizsla is Hilltop Buddy ( NFC AFC Lundy’s Red Bull x CK Touchdown Sis) owned by Eric Huff and handled by Jim Winnen. Both dogs release boldly from the field house tree, across the bridge and onto the fields. Buddy does a short check back to handler and moves forward.

Both dogs working thru orchard area. Cayanne rounds the open field tree line with handler riding center field. Cayanne handling well. At 6 min. into brace, Buddy is found on point. Handler releases him for a relocate. No bird is found. Released to forward hunt.

Cayanne thru the key hole, advancing well on tree line. At 40 min. Buddy is on point, not holding good style, again handler relocates finding bird. Fires shot. Judges order dog up.

Cayanne is found on point shortly after, handler finds few feathers, no bird. Advances dog into next bird field. Cayanne rings the next field in good style. At 17 min left to brace Cayanee is found on point. Handler fails to find bird. Cayanne is picked up.

4th brace includes top dog Burr Oak’s Taza (Boot Scootin Boogie x FC Bravo Haulin’s Stage Winner) owned by James Gingrich and handled by Brian Gingrich. Bottom dog is CK Guy’s Hot N Spicey “Ginger” (NCH NFC DC CK Touchdown Guy x FC Shawnee’s Golden Lioness) owned by Ron and Denise Chenoweth, Handled by Ron. Released at the upper fields, both Taza and Ginger cover forward field with style, handling easily by both handlers. Upper grove area well searched and hunting teams move onto next field past the old stone school house. At 28 minutes both dogs are watered and released onto the next field. Taza and Ginger covering both sides of the fields easily guided by handlers. Near to end of brace Taza is found on point. Successfully holding point and working well with Brian. Ginger advancing on with good field work but unsuccessful in finding a bird during this brace.

5th brace, FC Burr Oak’s Reve (Boot Scootin Boogie x Lundy’s Fiddlin’ With Fire) owned by James Gingrich, handled by Brian Gingrich is red collared dog. CK Countryside Buck (Touchdown Kid x Shiloh’s Happy Go Lucky) owned by Ron and Denise Chenoweth, handled by Ron wears the yellow collar. Release by the field house tree, both dogs move boldly forward. No bird finds near orchard area, but entering Heires Field at 14 min. into brace, Buck found on point at Island. Reve fails to back the find and Brian picks her up. Ron relocates Buck, but no bird found. Ron advances Buck onto field. He works the lines well and easily handles for owner, but fails to find another bird.

6th brace includes Burr Oak’s BamBam ( NCH NFC DC CK Touchdown Guy x Vanguard’s Make-Her-Mark) owned by James Gingrich and handled by Brian Gingrich top dog. Cali’s Wiki Wiki Mai Tai At Sunset “Mia” ( Boot Scootin Boogie x Lundy’s Fiddlin with Fire) owned by Chad Chadwell and Nancy Browne, handled by Chad is bottom dog. Released at the upper fields, BamBam covers large field area, Mia forward, thru grove working multiple objectives. Past stone school house both dogs guided easily thru the creek and into the next field area. BamBam finds point #1, steady and stylish. Handler completes successfully. Mia working opposite field lines covering edges well.

At last 3 large fields BamBam and Mia working field lines with style and forward. Crosses over wooden bridge and Mia found on point. Handler relocates with no bird found. BamBam last seen moving forward. Past field house and towards orchard, Mia is in front hunting objective met.

At 40 min Mia is on point and handling well. But no bird is found after relocate. Both dogs continue towards Orchard, working well with handlers. Stylish finish to this brace.

Brace #7. Top dog CK Post Route Scout (NCH NFC DC CK Touchdown Guy x Vanguard’s Make-Her-Mark) owned by Jim Gingrich, handled by Brian Gingrich. Bottom Dog Blaze ( ) owned/handled by Robt Tomcsak. Both dogs release boldly forward at the release from the Clubhouse Tree. 68 degree weather, great day for running dogs. Scout immediately takes the right field working tree lines. Blaze forward and hunting kindly to handlers hand. At 9 min. into brace Scout found stanchly pointing. Brian flushes up multiple birds while Scout holds firmly. He is released into the bird field taking the far tree line and working. Blaze moving forward gently to hand.

At 15 min Scout finds his 2nd bird, great presentation, holds firm and is released into the next field boldly hunting. Blaze is working the left field objectives well. Handler moves him thru the field well. Goes on first point stanchly, Robt relocates Blaze, and he moves to left side of objective; 3 quail burst out of trees and Blaze moves inappropriately. Robt. volunteers to pick up his dog.

Scout continues into the next field rounding the tree lines on 3 sides. Easily guided thru the keyhole and past the creek bottom.

Scout was found on point for Bird #3, the handler finds a dead bird, and takes Scout in front and releases into the upper fields. Scout works the smaller objectives easily with good guidance from Brian, the handler. Scout passes the old school house and works the left field toward the finish. Scout finishes strongly upfront and on line. End of brace, Brian calls Scout easily and gently to hand.

Brace #8 includes Red collared dog, Ramblin Rivers Rollin Stone (FC AFC Kick Em Up Bullet x Ramblin Rivers Crimson Rayne) owned by Bill Stapleton, handled by Brian Gingrich. Yellow Collared Dog is NFC FC AFC MVSDC 3xRUCH Penny’s Wiki Wiki Another Mai Tai Please “Ty” ( x Penny ) owned by Chad and Nancy Chadwell, handled by Chad. Both dogs are released at the upper fields Running hard and fast forward into the bird field. Stone and Ty are seen in the next field earnestly hunting hard and forward. They cut to the large creek and over into the right field. Both dogs are using objectives well, serious hunting. Stone crossed into the 2nd field pushing forward. Ty at 38 min. finds his first bird in the upper pasture. Steady hold and successfully handled by Chad. Moving forward now thru the keyhole. Stone is not visible at this time.

Ty works both sides of the upper field covering both tree lines easily guided by his handler. Into the last field Ty finishes nicely working the right side of the field. Ty is forward and engaged thru out the brace

Stone is lost at 12 min left to brace. Handler pulls the GPS.

Brace #9 starts at the clubhouse with top dog Burr Oak’s Ellie Mae (FC AFC Touchdown Kid x Shiloh’s Happy Go Lucky) owned by Jim Gingrich and handled by Brian Gingrich. Bottom dog is Enzo ( ) owned/handled by Robt. Tomczak. Both dogs break fast and hard to the front. Ellie Mae is forward and into the left field heading towards the Orchard. Enzo working objectives closely and guided by his handler.

Ellie Mae finds the first Bird and holds firmly for her handler. Enzo enters into same field, finds Ellie Mae and honors the point. Shot is fired and both dogs are moved up front into Heines field. Both work the left side of the field. Ellie Mae is picked up by handler. Enzo continues and is on point in the right bowl. Handler is unable to find bird. Enzo continues with handling into the right tree line, Handler working from centerfield and guides Enzo thru the keyhole. Next field Enzo is found on point again. Handler relocates 2 times with no bird found. Handler chooses to pick up.

The final brace of the Championship is a bye brace, with Shaka ( ) as the lone runner, Handled by Chad Chadwell. Released readily, Shaka runs forward and is handled well. Earnest on finding bird, Shaka is easily guided into the bird field. At 6 min the first bird is found. Shaka holds stauchly, shot fired and handler moves Shaka forward. Advancing into Heines field, working left field tree line and onto the right side easily. Thru the keyhole, Chad is working his dog from midfield as she is intent on working the tree lines.

At 36 min. Bird #2 is found. Strong hold, very stylish. Shot fired and unfortunately Shaka moved. Handler picking up his dog.


Gary Jagoda Derby Classic

Gary Jagoda Derby Classic
Winner "Lola" H- Brian Gingrich O - Cody & Alli Engebreston
1st Runner Up "Casey" O/H - Ron Chenoweth
2nd Runner Up "Maddy" H -Rob Tomczak

Gary Jagoda Derby Classic: Friday, September 29, 2017

It was a beautiful day in Ionia, Michigan for the start of the 2017 Gary Jagoda Derby Classic. A fun time was had by all as the young Vizsla potential future champions came to show their stuff!

The Winners

CK Rebel Rouser KC Lola Be Lovin It “Lola” (CK Rebel Rouser ET’s Born Again x CK DBL Up Tommy Boy’s Desirae) was named the winner. Owned by Cody and Alli Engebretson and handled by Brian Gingrich. Lola is the first field trial competitive Vizsla owned by Cody and Alli. We all hope they continue running dogs with us for years to come. Lola has a very bright future with handler Brian Gingrich, showing much style, potential and aptitude for such a young bird dog.

2nd place was CK Casey Cay (CK Rommel’s Rudy x Shiloh’s Happy Go Lucky) Owned and handled by Ron Chenoweth. Casey had a great run with big energy and lots of field coverage. Ron shared that he is very excited about this young girl as her potential shows more everyday--she is a joy to run and a sweetheart at home.

3rd Place Maddy (Ramblin Rivers Ramblin Man x Roito de Tejas Ramblin Juanita) owned by Ryan Martin and handled by Robert Tomczak was a joy to watch in the field. Her good nose and a passion for hunting was easily seen by all. She easily showed lots of promise for more bird dog trials in the future.

The first brace was top dog, “Luca” (Shiloh’s Red White and Blue x Siloh’s C99), owned by Tim Willgohs and handled by Robert Tomczak, and bottom dog CK Rebel Rouser KC Lola Be Lovin It “Lola” (CK Rebel Rouser ET’s Born Again x CK DBL Up Tommy Boy’s Desirae) owned by Cody and Alli Engebretson and handled by Brian Gingrich.

Both dogs were released from the clubhouse tree bursting strongly to the front. Handlers guided the dogs into the tree lines, with both dogs hunting hard. At 14 minutes in the orchard, Luca was found on point with Lola also pointing 100 yards further down the treeline. Both dogs held point, and shots were fired as both dogs joyfully bounced after the birds. Handlers called their young dogs and the hunt progressed forward.

In Heiers field, handlers encouraged line work and pass the Vizslas thru the keyhole. In the left field area, Luca was found on point, staunchly holding. A shot was fired, and the bird was caught and retrieved, with Robert continuing to work his young dog in front. Lola had a 2nd point further into the last field and staunchly held thru the shot. In the 2nd field, the handlers again encouraged line work with both dogs complying. Lola found one more bird with great presentation and steadiness. She completes her run in control, and a forward finish in the left fields.

In the 2nd brace, top dog was “Maddy” (Ramblin Rivers Ramblin Man x Roita de Tejas Ramblin Juanita) owned by Ryan Martin and handled by Robert Tomczak. The bottom dog was “Jeter” (Kick Em Up Bullet x Cali’s Wiki MaiTai at Sunset), owned by Chad Chadwell and Nancy Browne and handled by Chad. Eager and pushing forward, both dogs broke into the first field from the Clubhouse Tree. With both dogs taking direction well, they drive into the Orchard area. Maddy found her first bird at 19 minutes--a shot was fired--the young dog gave chase to the bird, and retrieved it gently to the handler’s grasp. Robert then boldly moved his dog forward. Jeter found his first bird within a few minutes of the start of the brace. Chad pushed him forward after the shot. Again Jeter was on point at 20 minutes after an intense hunt of the heavy brush. Chad fired and continued on with his young dog down the field. Maddy completed her brace working objectives mid field, and covering the last field in front. Jeter finished up working the right side.

In the 3rd brace, the top dog was “Bobber” (Shiloh Cash Jackpot x Rockwoods Miltown), owned by Lee Dosier and handled by Robert Tomczak. CK Casey Cay (CK Rommel’s Rudy x Shiloh’s Happy Go Lucky) was bottom dog, owned and handled by Ron Chenoweth. At release both dogs boldly move forward. Working objectives well, Bobber was handling well for his handler. Casey was forward cutting thru to the Orchard. At 12 minutes, Bobber was found on point, showing good style. Casey found her first bird at 15 minutes, holding for the shot, then moved forward eagerly to search for more birds. Both dogs were on the lines in Heines field. Casey was boldly hunting thru the brush. She worked the right and left side, handling well and forward for her handler. Bobber worked the opposite field, handling well for Robert, stylish and showing good potential. Casey covered the last field, guided easily to a strong finish.

The 4th Brace was a bye brace, with “Hawk” Hatszel’s Z Bullet Redhawk (Kick Em Up Bullet x On-Point Vizsla’s Zoey), owned by Mark Coppola and handled by Brian Gingrich. Hawk moved strongly to the front after a quick release. He showed lots of energy and excitement as he opened into the first bird field. Calmly handled by Brian, working from middle field, Hawk hit the objectives in front.

At 8 minutes in, Hawk was found on point in the Orchard. His staunch point held, and shot fired, this young dog responded well to his handler. Hawk continued to the left side of Heiers field, and he pointed again with intensity, but no bird was found. Brian moved his young dog forward after a quick water. In the last big field Hawk again was found in an intense point. Brian dismounted and flushes up a bird. Hawk in excitement gave chase and gently retrieved the bird to Brian’s hand. Hawk finished his run well in front, working the objectives completely.