National Amateur Championship

Amateur Championship – Carrie Syczylo

Brace 1
A Kimber (Kick'm Up Kimber) handled by Jarrett Bell carded one honor and had three finds and finished the hour.  She ran a pleasing forward race and handled kindly for Bell.
B Macy (Fidler's May See Me May Not) Handled by Brian Fidler had one find and was running a forward and powerful race before she ended her bid before the hour.

Brace 2
A Bogart (Crimsons Bogart That Joint) handled by Bill Stapleton carded one NP and 2 finds he finished the hour with a nice race.
B Blue (Shiloh's Red White and Blue) handled by Robert Tomczak unfortunately carded two NP's and Tomczak picked up before the hour.

Brace 3
A Seager (Ramblin Rivers Ramblin Man) handled by Bill Stapleton he ended his bid early as well, handler picked up.
B Bishop (Hillbillie's New Hope) handled by Robert Tomczak was picked up by handler for two NP's.

Brace 4
A Nelly (Durite's Whoo Nelly) handled by Chad Chadwell took herself out early for breach of manners.
B Dutch (Hilbillie’s Omaha Hero) handled by Josh McPhearson was also picked up due to breach of manners.

Brace 5
A Pistol (JB'S Pistol) handled by Jarrett Bell ran a forward race but took a step on a find and handler picked up.
B Tex (Saginaw Redneck Cowboy) handled by Mark Johnson ran a forward race showing intelligent application through out the hour with four finds.

Brace 6
A Bullett (Kick'm Up Bullet) handled by Jarrett Bell carded one NP and four finds.  He ran a strong forward race, handled kindly and was named Champion for his efforts.
B Bull (Lundy's Red Bull) handled by Laura Miller ran a forward race displaying good range yet ended his bid with two NP's.

Brace 7
A Bling (Bling Bling) handled by Jarrett Bell handler pulled Garmin before the hour.
B Sig (BGK Red Hot Lead) handled by Justin Hess finished the hour with a pleasing application and carded two finds.

Brace 8
A Boots (Boot Scoot'n Boogie) handled by Jarrett Bell ran a strong and powerful hour.  Showed classy style on his two finds.  Finished the hour and was awarded Runner Up Champion for his efforts.
B Tina (CK Touchdown TNT Tina) ran a forward race had two finds before she ended her bid on a stop to flush.

Brace 9
A Ruger (Redrock's Rip Roar'n Ruger) handled by Lance Shulz ran a forward race finished the hour but did not card a find.
B Buck (CK Countryside Buck) ran a forward race but ended his bid early for breach of manners.

Brace 10
A Ty (Another Mai Tai Please) handled by Chad Chadwell Ty finished the hour with one NP and one honor.
B Riley (Kick Em Up Riley) handled by Vincent Tuttle hunted each edge and had one find before entering her bid early for breach of manners.

Brace 11
A Sis (Ciara Markham) handled by John Markham had a NP and a stop to flush.  She hunted a forward race displaying good application in the hour.
B Trouble (Shiloh's Southern Reckonin) handled by Bonita Austin ran a forward race yet the garmin was pulled before the end of the hour.

Brace 12
A Reve (Burr Oak's Reve) handled by Jim Gingrich ran a powerful forward race.  She had one dug up find and ended her bid early for breach of manners.

National Derby Classic

NVA Derby – Reported by John Markham

Cast off was at 8:12 in the morning on a dreary morning. The weather was damp, misty and cold. On occasion the skies would spit rain, and at other times it would simply mist rain. The weather provided for tough conditions on both handlers and dogs, combining the intermittent moisture with a cold stiff breeze. Dogs throughout the morning braces had a difficult time finding birds, but as the day progressed and the conditions improved, the dogs in the afternoon seemed to have more success finding birds.

All of the dogs showed well in their runs and their applications. All of the owners and handlers should be very proud of their dogs and the efforts that they put forth in the Derby. The future for the breed looks very bright, with many dogs displaying the power and drive that look to move the breed forward.

1A – Cal (Mia's Wiki Wiki Hour of Kalua) – Chadwell
2B – Rhino (Mudbone's Redrock's Borm Tuff) – Schultz
The dogs were both cast off at 8:12 on Wednesday morning. Cal cast off and immediately took off to attack a line and to take the line forward in to the course. Rhino, with a very snappy, attractive gait took to another line and both dogs moved forward in an attractive manner. Rhino had a very nice application, doing a good job of hunting and running through the cover. Rhino hunted in all of the right places, but wasn’t able to pin down a bird for his handler. Cal after making a large opening move, he begin to apply himself in an appropriate manner. At the 15 minute mark in the brace, Cal made another large move to the front. Cal applied himself very well and did many things that one would expect from a very nice young dog. Cal was also unable to produce a bird for his handler and both dogs finished the half hour strong, albeit birdless.

2A – Conner (Vanguard's Covert Agent) – Rogers
2B – Sassy (Fidler's Kiss My 'Sassafras) – S. Fidler
Conner and Sassy were both cast off at 8:54. Conner immediately took to a line and made a beautiful move to the front. He ran his lines forward and showed himself to make a powerful move. Sassy at the breakaway also took to the cover and made a very nice move to the front. Her animated gait and snappy race make her a pleasure to watch run. Around ten minutes into the brace, Conner made another move and disappeared. Meanwhile, Sassy continued to run through the course, with a strong race for her handler. She hunted appropriately, was in the right places and handled very kindly for Steph. She, however was unable to pin down a bird for her handler. Conner appeared and was brought back around to the front after an absence of approximately six or seven minutes. He continued to run through the country and did a very good job of applying himself. He was unable to find a bird as well and both dogs ended their bids birdless.

3A - Ragin (Fidler's CK Ragin 'Bull) – B. Fidler
3B – Scholar (DuRite's Big Man On Campus) – C. Syczylo
The dogs broke away at 9:37 and this really was an exciting brace to watch as both dogs seemed to trade very large moves with one another. Ragin’ immediately took his line and attacked it with a mature application and a very forward opening move. Scholar broke away and made a very attractive move as well. Both dogs seemed to alternate moves and ran hard in appropriate places. Scholar stuck his lines and handled for his handler, Syczylo. He ran with an attractive gait and finished strong, but was unable to find a bird for his handler. Ragin’ continued to run with a very large race and did a very nice job. He found the first bird of the day with approximately 3 minutes left in the stake. Ragin’ displayed great style on his bird and his handler was able to flush the bird for Ragin’. Upon flushing the bird, Fidler moved his charge on and finished the half-hour.

4A – Fiddy (Fidler's Big Finale) – B. Fidler
4B – Red (Bangert's Red Baron) – B. Gingrich
Fiddy, being handled by his namesake, Brian Fidler and Red being handled by Brian Gingrich were cast off at approximately 10:20. Fiddy took immediately to the front, making a very long last around the bowl to the front. He was soon out of sight, and gone to the front. After some hard riding by Fidler’s scout, Stephanie and with Fiddy being gone for so long, the judges requested that the tracker be pulled for Fiddy. Red provided an excellent race and an extremely mature application. Red was always where he was supposed to be with a great ground race. He handled very kindly, always aware of what his handler wanted him to do, and ran with a great head about him. He had a very nice forward race and although he went birdless, his race provided him with a Second-Runner up placement.

5A – Peedie (CK Millstar's Wee Dram) – Miller
5B – Fury (Fidler's Redneck Woman Scorned) – B. Fidler
This brace consisted of two very nice young dogs with a lot of potential. Peedie was handled by Laura Miller and she ran a very snappy, forward race. She applied herself very well and handled very kindly for her handler. She ran a very good race and did a very nice job. She was unable to find a bird for Laura, and finished the hour running strong. Fury, like her bracemate ran a very animated, snappy race. She was absolutely enjoyable to watch run through the course and certainly tried her best for her handler. In fact, she loved running so much, that she didn’t want to quit even though time was called. Fury showed great potential, and she should perform very nicely in the future. While neither dog was able to find a bird, they both finished the ½ hour with ease.

6A – Kid (CK Guy's Kid) - Chenoweth
6B – Coach (CV Coach) – Tuttle
Kid and Coach were the last brace of the morning before lunch. They were cast off at 11:44 and both were running hard to the front. Kid had the first of his two finds at 12:09. The dog stood nicely for his handler while his handler flushed for him. Kid pointed with a very nice sense of style about him and was moved on after the flush and the shot. Both dogs soon became separated, and at this time, Kid had another find. The bird was flushed for him and he was moved on. During this time, Coach continued on and as the brace continued, he began to get stronger and stronger in his race. Coach ran through the country and covered a lot of ground. His race was very appropriate, and was a great combination of hunting and running. He carded his find way out on a limb and stood it very nicely. As the stake ended, Coach got stronger and stronger in his run and application. Kid ran a nice race and finish the stake as well. Coach’s performance in this stake garnered him the Runner – up in the 2015 Derby stake.

7A – Ginger (Against The Winds Three Hour Tour) – Syczylo
7B – Rossi (BGK's Blinged Up Rossi) – Bell
This brace had on display a pair of very nice young dogs. Ginger ran with such an animated gait that it was evident to all that she was having a great time. She ran a very spirited race, and ran her lines well. Ginger carded a find at 10, holding her bird with style and intensity. She finished the hour strong and have a very nice forward race. Rossi, was handled by Bell and this young dog did a very nice job running her edges and working to the front. She worked hard for her handler, and was rewarded with a find, just past the creek crossing. She stood her bird with style and did a great job with her ground work. She ran a great Derby race and overall did a great job. She showed great potential for the future.

8A - Katie – Syczylo
8B – Henry – Bell
The eighth brace brought to us Katie, who was handled by Syczylo and Henry, handled by Bell. Katie ran a very solid race, doing a great job for her handler. She ran to the front and ran her lines very well. Katie’s application and drive was rewarded with a find at 20. She displayed style during the find, and it is evident that this dog has a bright future ahead of her. Henry, handled by Bell, has a big motor and was not afraid to use it. He ran through the countryside and applied himself very well, especially for a dog so young. While his application may have been lacking in maturity, he made up for that in enthusiasm and desire. Henry was rewarded with a find at 20 and was not lacking intensity. Both dogs finished the stake very strong.

9A – Jones (DuRite's Indiana Jones) – Syczylo
9B – Stone (Ramblin Rivers Rolling Stone) – Stapleton
This brace consisted of two young dogs who displayed lots of potential. As both dogs cast away and ran through the stake, it was evident that they would both be contenders down the road. Jones ran a very strong race, handling the terrain well and maintaining a very nice handle for Syczylo. His race may have been lacking a bit in maturity, but desire and drive were not. He ran hard, but was unable to pin down any birds and finished the stake strong. Stone, from the breakaway ran a hard, forward race. Strong and to the front, this young dog ran nicely through the country, hit his lines and did a good job applying himself. Stone covered ground well, ran and hunted in appropriate places was unable to find any birds. He finished the stake strong however and should be quite the force in years to come.

10A –Briar (BGK Briar In Boot) – Hess
10B – Sherwin (DuRite's SureWin) – Syczylo
These two dogs broke away and they both took off with gusto and desire. Briar ran well and had a very solid race, especially for such a young dog. He had a solid race and handled himself very nicely. Hess was able to produce a bird for Briar, and after some shenanigans, was moved on. Briar carded another find at 26, and Hess was able to produce a second bird for Briar as well. The conditions were not only difficult for the dogs and handlers, they were also difficult for the birds as well. Birds sometimes struggled to fly in the wet conditions. Sherwin ran a very strong race, maintaining a nice pattern and mature ground race. Sherwin carded a find at eight, and a bird was produced. Sherwin was moved on and finished the hour strong with an attractive gait to the front.

11A – Diesel (Fidler's Fight To The Finish) – B. Fidler
11B – Bam Bam (Burr Oak's BamBam) – B. Gingrich
As both dogs castaway, it became real evident that this was going to be a powerful brace with exciting things to come. Both dogs made huge moves to the front, and showed the power of their breedings. Diesel motored his way to the front and was soon out of sight. The tracker was called at 20, and it showed him to be three quarters of a mile to the front. Bam Bam, continued to put down a powerful race, ranging and running to the front. She was strong, and had a very stylish find at 15. She maintained wonderful manners, and was cast off again running her lines well and continuing to the front. She ran a very mature race, and handled well for Gingrich. With all of these factors, the judges would later declare Bam Bam the winner.

12A – Shaka (Pele's Wiki Wiki Aloha Spirit) – Chadwell
12B – Della (Rojo De Tejas Rev It Up Della) – Gingrich
Shaka and Della made up the twelve brace of the day. As the conditions throughout the day remained difficult, the dogs seemed to disregard the difficult conditions that they were faced with and still ran with a lot of heart and desire. Shaka ran a very nice race, and handled very well. Her snappy, animated gait proved to be a joy to watch and Shaka carded a find at 15. She pointed with style and Chadwell was able to produce a bird. Her snappy race continued on throughout the stake, and she finished strong. Della, handled by Gingrich, ran a very good race. She ran her lines well and with maturity. She had a find at 10, standing her bird well and with intensity. Della, finished the half hour strong and to the front.

13A – Stevie (DuRite & Fidler"s Superstitous) – Syczylo
13B – Legacy (CK Smiley's Legacy) – Chenoweth
Stevie and Legacy made up the last brace of the 2015 NVA Derby stake. They both ran well, Stevie applying herself well and handling the course with maturity. She ran her lines well and hunted the cover appropriately. She was unable to produce a bird but handled the course well and finished strong. Legacy, handled by Chenoweth ran a good race and maintained a forward race. Legacy carded a find at 15 standing her bird with style. Chenoweth was able to produce a bird and she was moved on. Legacy finished the stake strong.

At the conclusion of the 2015 Derby Stake, judges declared Bam Bam the winner, Coach Runner –up and Red the Second Runner – up. The judges did a great job in difficult conditions. It was rainy, cold windy and spitting moisture all day. Appreciation and thanks to the judges for sitting in the saddle all day judging our dogs.

National Open Championship

2015 marked the 21st running of the NVA National Open Championship and it was certainly one to watch. Twenty one dogs came to the line and the judges were impressed throughout the stake. Kick Em Up Bullet owned and handled by Jarrett Bell emerged as the Champion and Ty owned and handled by Chad Chadwell earned the Runner-Up slot but there were dogs all through the stake that could have nabbed a piece of the action on any given day.

The first brace broke away on Thursday morning March 19th at 8:06 with overcast skies and 39 degrees but the dogs and handlers were ready for whatever came their way. Sig (BGK Red Hot Lead) owned and handled by Justin Hess broke away on course one with Jarret Bells’ Bullet (Kick'm Up Bullet) as his brace mate. Both dogs made quick use of the first open hay field and you could tell immediately that this was going to be a contest worth watching. At 13 Bullet was seen on point with Sig backing but it turned out to be a dead bird so both dogs were taken on. At 23 Bullet had a live bird well located at the first tree line in Davis Bottom and all was in order for flush and shot. Both dogs were hunting hard for the next 20 minutes when Bullet pointed again at 45 at the base of Horse Killer Hill with Sig backing. Both dogs had good manners through the flush and were taken on. Both dogs were seen standing on a limb find at 54 on a nice covey near the deer stand. All was in order for flush and shot and both finished the hour to the front. It was obvious a standard had been set and as it turned out it was not beat during the remaining braces with Bullet emerging as the winner.

The second brace broke away at Little Vine Loop with Bogart (Crimsons Bogart That Joint) being handled by his owner Bill Stapleton and Boots (Boot Scoot'n Boogie) being handled by his owner Jarrett Bell. Both dogs broke away fast and it was easy to tell they might be a hand full. As it turned out they were. Boots had a find at 4 on the first turn coming off the hill with Bogart backing. Boots’ style was high, tight and staunch at flush and shot. Both dogs were sent on but Bogart checked out and was not seen again so Stapleton called for the tracker at 40. Boots did a little better and didn’t disappear until 24 and Bell called for his tracker at 40 also.

Brace three was anticipated as one to watch but both dogs had different ideas. Bling (Bling Bling) was handled by her owner Jarrett Bell and Dutch (Hillbillie’s Omaha Hero) was piloted by his owner Josh McPherson. Both dogs broke away fast but both turned right after the Bull Pasture and were not seen again with both handlers calling for their trackers at 11.

After an enjoyable lunch break at the club house Brace 4 broke away back on course one with Tex (Saginaw Redneck Cowboy) being handled by his owner Mark Johnson and Trouble (Shiloh's Southern Reckoning) handled by her owner Bonita Austin. Tex scored his first of six finds at 12 with good style but moved a little as Johnson went to flush. He was taken on and continued to grab the front. Trouble had a find of her own at 14 with good style and was steady through the flush and taken on also. Tex pointed again at 18 but took a few steps again but stood through the flush and was taken on. Trouble scored again a 21 at Davis Bottom and was steady through flush and shot and sent on. At the same time Tex had another find of his on at 21 at Davis Bottom and stood through flush and shot. Austin stopped to water Trouble at 28 then sent her on. At 34 Tex was seen pointing in Island Field and stood through flush and shot. Johnson elected to water him at 39 and he was sent on. At 44 Tex was pointed up on Horse Killer Hill and stood staunch with good style through flush and shot. Chad Chadwell was scouting for Johnson and brought both horses up the hill as both men walked to the top with considerable exertion. Tex was ready to go and sent on. At 51 Tex was standing again with 2 birds pinned this time and stood through flush and shot. Trouble turned right at the bottom of Apple Tree Hill and Austin asked for the tracker at 56. Tex finished the hour strong and going to the front.

Brace 5 broke away at Little Vine Loop with Kayla (Midnight Runs Probable Cause) being handled by Brian Gingrich and Bull (Lundy's Red Bull) being handled by owner Laura Miller. Both dogs grabbed the front from the breakaway and took the lines in search of birds. Bull pointed at 21 with Kayla backing. Bull showed nice style through flush and shot and Kayla showed good manners backing. Bull pointed again at 45 with two turkeys being located this time and he handled them with good manners. Kayla scored on a single going into the Bull Pasture with all in order. Both dogs handled nicely, held their lines and finished the hour hunting to the front.

Kate (Shawnee's Kate) handled by Brian Gingrich and Kimber (Kick'm Up Kimber) handled by her owner Jarrett Bell comprised the 6th Brace, breaking away on course 3. It was warming up and both dogs were watered at 24. Kate scored a find on a single at 31 and was staunch through flush and shot with acceptable style. At 45 Kimber was on point and after two relocations feathers from a hawk kill were found by the handler. Kimber was taken on. Kate was standing at 52 on an edge with good manners through flush and shot. Kimber hand a non-productive at 56 and Bell elected to pick her up. Kate finished the hour with no further finds.

The 7th Brace was back to course one with Brian Gingrich handling Ellie Mae (Burr Oak's Ellie Mae) and Brian Fidler handling his female May-C (Fidler's May See Me May Not). May-C had a find at 14 just before the road with good style and stood throughout flush and shot but disappeared at 30 and was not seen again until 47. Ellie Mae ended her bid at 37 when seen under a woodcock.

Guy (CK Touchdown Guy) handled by Brian Gingrich and Hootie (DuRite's Covey Rise) handled by Carrie Syczylo made up Brace 8 and broke away on course two. Syczylo was not happy with Hootie’s performance this day and elected to pick up at 5. Guy who was last year’s winner had a good run this day with finds at 17 and 40 and finished strong but it was not enough to beat the best performances this year.

The 9th brace broke away at the Twin Barns with Driver (Mira's Mr. Playmaker) being handled by Brian Gingrich and Ty (Another Mai Tai Please) being handled by his owner Chad Chadwell. Driver was standing at 11 but it turned out to be a non-productive and he was taken on. Gingrich elected to water him at 22 and he scored a divided find with Ty at 24 as 2 birds lifted at flush and shot with both dogs steady. Driver scored another find at 30 and stood through flush and shot. Driver was standing again at 37 but no bird was produced and handler elected to put the rope on him. Ty was also standing but Chadwell elected to move on. At 42 Ty pointed again and stood with nice style as Chadwell worked hard to get 3 running birds to take fligh. Ty was staunch throughout the effort. Ty was watered and 53 and sent on. At 59 Ty was standing again with another difficult flushing effort down a large creek embankment but he stood staunch and stylish through the ordeal. He finished the last minute with enthusiasm.

Brace 10 consisted of Red (Bangert's Red Baron) handled by Brian Gingrich handling and Nelly (Durite's Whoo Nelly) with Carrie Syczylo handling. Red brought back a bird at 12 and ended his bid. Nelly was not seen after the initial breakaway and Syczylo called for the tracker at 23.

Reve (Burr Oak's Reve) handled by Brian Gingrich ran as a bye in Brace 11 had a non-productive at 26 near the start of course 2 then dug into the woods and was out of contention.