Reporter: Mark Smith

Ladies Foot Race


Winner: Laura Miller


First Runner-up: Carrie Syczylo


Second Runner-up: Nancy Brown

National Open Championship

This was the 20th renewal of the National Vizsla Association’s Championship. The grounds of the Sportsman’s association in Grove Spring, MO, were in tip top shape. Even with the long winter weather, 24 dogs were drawn to make a bid for the title of 2014 Champion.

After two days of running, Guy was named Champion and Bullet was Runner up. Guy’s performance came in the 11th brace, the second run on the afternoon of the second day. He had three stylish finds with a fairly well applied forward race. Guy attacked the course with a confident run and handled well for his handler, Brian Gingrich.

The runner up, Bullet, came from the last brace of the first day. Bullet had a strong forward race, handled well for handler Jarrett Bell, and had one find.

The judges, Tim Self of Foristell MO. and Dave Capstick of Wentzville, MO., long time birddog men from the Brittany world were impressed at the overall caliber of the field of dogs. They felt that the winners showed the most forward race and the highest style on game. They had others in mind, but these two rose to the top of the list. They were also extremely impressed with the venue. They felt the level of sportsmanship displayed was top notch, not just while running the dogs, but within the entire event. Dave told me, "This was more than a field trial; it was a happening!"

The following is a brace by brace synopsis of the running:

Brace 1A - Lundy's Red Bull "Bull", handled by Laura Miller
Brace 1B - Wiki Wiki Tiki Man "Tiki", handled by Chad Chadwell

The brace began at 8:30 with sunny skies and a light breeze. Twenty-six degree temperatures made for a crisp start. Both dogs powered to the front across the flat. At 13, we found Bull pointed on the tree line just before the first creek crossing. Laura produced birds with all in order. At 20, Bull struck again just after the road crossing with Tiki showing a stylish back. After the birds were produced, both dogs went to work with even more push. Tiki, however, was not showing and the handler requested his electronics at 34. Bull pushed through the island field and was found standing to the right of the course in the woods. A single bird was produced. Bull showed some reluctance to go to the front, but after the climb of horse killer hill, he went back to work and finished to the front in the little vine loop.

Brace 2A – Hillbillie's New Hope "Bishop", handled by Robert Tomczak
Brace 2B - Wegler's Crown Royal "Roy", handled by Greg Wegler

Bishop was withdrawn due to sore feet from his run in the amateur. Roy went right to work with a find at 6 to the left of course atop the hill. Birds were produced with all in order. At 20 under the big tree at the end of sycamore bottom, Roy struck again. This time, when the bird was produced, Roy showed some let down of style. Again at 26, as we made the left turn to enter the chute, Roy ran up the side of the hill and pointed. While running along the old blue house fence line, Roy disappeared. After we passed the pond, Greg pointed out the dog standing tall on the hill. Again at 55, Roy found game in the bull pasture. Roy had a fairly consistent forward run with a few times swinging wide.

Brace 3A – Saginaw Redneck Cowboy "Tex", handled by Mark Johnson
Brace 3B - Crimsons Bogart That Joint "Bogart", handled by Bill Stapleton

This was to be the last brace of the morning go around. We broke away from the bottom of the hill behind the alternate camp. Both dogs charged up the hill and went to the right. At 4, we found Tex standing in the cover on the top of the hill above camp. There was a rather long attempt to find the birds, but after a short relocation, the bird was produced. At 31 on the hillside after the twin barns, Tex was standing to the right. Mark looked for the bird, but elected to take Tex on. After the road crossing, both dogs were missing. Bogart showed up from the bottom, but Tex as nowhere to be seen. At 43, the scout shouted point and we rode down the hillside and across the field to find Tex pointed on the tree line. After we crossed the creek bed, Bogart showed signs of slowing but Tex finished strong to the front.

Brace 4A – Lundy's Fiddlin With Fire "Cali", handled by Brian Fidler
Brace 4B - Crimson's Lord Rigby of Linden "Rigby", handled by Mark Spurgeon

The first brace of the afternoon of the first day started at 1:34 with 51 degrees, sunny skies and a slight breeze.

Both dogs started well forward. After the creek crossing, Cali was spotted under a bird. After the road crossing, Rigby made a large cast along the woods, but returned and went back to the road crossing. At 35, he was pointed up, but the handler could not produce birds. At 41 near the end of the island field, we found him pointed again. Then at 56 to the left of the field with the large deer blind, he pointed again. This time as the bird flew; Rigby showed a breach of manners and was up.

Brace 5A – JB'S Pistol "Pistol", handled by Jarrett Bell
Brace 5B - Burr Oak's Durite Tess "Tess", handled by Brian Gingrich

This brace broke away near the gate at the end of the little vine loop. Both dogs broke away to the front up the hill. At 18 Pistol was pointing. After some searching for the bird, Jarrett elected to relocate. Pistol bumped the bird and was up. At 28 Brian was not happy with Tess and elected to pick her up.

Brace 6A – Bravo Haulin's Stage Winner "Brie", handled by Brian Gingrich
Brace 6B - Kick'm Up Bullet "Bullet", handled by Jarrett Bell

This brace began with both dogs going forward. Brie was in the woods barking and deer were seen leaving the woods. At 42, Jarrett called point and Bullet was standing along the fence on the west end of the hill. The bird was walking on the other side of the fence but flew as Jarrett arrived. At 43 Brian elected to pick up Brie. Bullet continued a well applied forward race and was running strong at time.

Brace 7A – Drycreeks Tommy By Tommy "Tommy", handled by Brian Gingrich
Brace 7B - Bling Bling "Bling", handled by Dustin Ochs

This was the first brace of the morning of day 2. Again we enjoyed sunny skies with 42 degrees. The dogs cast off at 8:37 a.m.

Both dogs broke away and made good use of the cover at the edges of the first field. As we approached the creek, Tommy was standing to the left. He showed good style. Bling was standing to the right on the edge of the creek. We almost rode passed, but Judge Tim Self called out the dog on point. After a long search and two relocations, Dustin elected to go on. After the chute, Tommy ran across the big field and hit the edge. As we started to turn to the left to cross the creek, Tommy went on point, again demonstrating good style around game. At 21, just before the road crossing, Bling pointed in the feed strip with Tommy backing. Both dogs ran strong through Davis Bottoms and as we entered the island field, Brian was not happy with Tommy’s performance and picked up. Bling made a large move through this part of the course. After we climbed the rock ledge, Bling was ¾ the down the next field. At the base of horse killer hill, she appeared to be confused as to which way to go. She ran back and forth at the end of this field and went to the right, but the course went left. After some searching, Dustin asked for his electronics.

Brace 8A – Upwind Tonka Geode "Rocko", handled by Tim Heiner
Brace 8B - RoJo De Tejas Twenty Gauge Luger "Luke", handled by Brian Gingrich

Rocko was a no show so Luke ran alone. Luke showed some good moves. At 48, just before the bull pasture, Luke pointed. As Brian worked the bird, Luke had some movement after the flush. Luke did complete the hour.

Brace 9A – Millstar Stolichnaya "Naya", handled by Brian Gingrich
Brace 9B - Boot Scoot'n Boogie "Boots", handled by Jarrett Bell

This brace broke away in the field just after the bull pasture. Brian elected to pick up at 11 minutes. As we went down the large hill, Boots broke off to the right, went up the hill and into the woods. Jarrett was unable to bring his charge back.

Brace 10A – Kick'm Up Kimber "Kimber", handled by Jarrett Bell
Brace 10B - Durite's Whoo Nelly "Nelly", handled by Carrie Syczlo

This was the first brace of the afternoon under partly cloudy skies at 55 degrees.

Both dogs took to the front and at 9 minutes, we had both dogs standing before the first creek crossing. Carrie felt Nelly did not look right and went on. Jarrett flushed in front of Kimber and produced a bird. As the bird flew, Kimber turned to mark the flight. At 15, Nelly pointed to the right of the second creek crossing with Kimber backing. As we entered Davis Bottoms, both dogs really opened up, showing much bigger moves. After we crossed over the creek into the island field, Nelly pointed in the cover to the left. She showed good style on her game. Both dogs continued with large moves through the island field. As we climbed the rock ledge, Nelly went into the cover to the right and did not return. At 43 minutes, to the right at the base of horse killer hill, Kimber pointed. Jarrett flew the bird and it circled the area. All was in order. Kimber finished her hour running to the front, but appeared to slow some.

Brace 11A – CK Touchdown Guy "Guy", handled by Brian Gingrich
Brace 11B - Diamond Redneck Tejas "Tejas", handled by Scott Miller

This was the second brace of the afternoon of the second day. This brace began at the end of the little vine loop. Both dogs broke away to the front and climbed the hill with ease. As we topped the hill, both dogs were absent. As we started the turn to the right, Guy showed up front. At 15, Miller was watering Tejas. As we entered sycamore bottom, Gingrich called point. Both dogs were found to be pointed up. Birds were flown and both dogs received credit. After the dogs were released, Guy took the edge to the right and Tejas went left. About 100 yards down the line, Guy pointed again. Tejas ran across in his direction, but Miller called the dog off. Guy showed some good style on game. The judges felt that Tejas had plenty of opportunity to back but did not, so he was done. At 29 minutes, about halfway down the chute, Guy pointed to the right. This time the birds ran around a bit, but Brian was able to make both fly. Guy continued to run a well applied forward race. As we entered the bull pasture, Brian called point for the fourth time. Guy was on the lower end to the right. As we approached, Guy looked less intense than the previous points. As Brian began to flush, an armadillo ran from the cover. We went on and Guy finished his hour well to the front.

Brace 12A – Durite's Hoosier Daddy "Hoosier", handled by Carrie Syczlo
Brace 12B - Burr Oak's Reve "Reve", handled by Brian Gingrich

Both dogs started well to the front. By the time we topped the hill above camp, both dogs were missing. At 24 minutes, Reve returned through the gallery and Brian picked up. At 26, Carrie asked for her Garmin and went to look for her charge.

I enjoyed my two days riding and watching this field of dogs. The week in Grove Spring was very enjoyable. Where else can you see some great dogs, renew with old friends, meet a few new ones and get a good haircut????

National Amateur Championship

Brace 1A - Kick'm Up Bullet (Bullet) - Bell
Brace 1B- Saginaw Redneck Cowboy (Tex) - Johnson

The beginning of the first brace was delayed two hours as a result of the snow and ice that had fallen the day prior. This was an excellent decision to help ensure the safety of the participants and the gallery. The scene was a very picturesque setting with the sun shining and snow on the ground. Bullet's championship run was an impressive run displaying proper bird work and ground application.

Both dogs broke away and elected to take the line immediately to the front. Bullet ran hard and disappeared on the line, running hard and forward. He finished his lines and ran hard and hunted hard to the front. Bullet seemed to have a knack for hunting hard, running big and appearing at the right times. Tex crossed the front, and ran wide, taking a line to the front and perpendicular to the front. He ran the line correctly, and unfortunately was unable to resist the temptation of a bird on the line. Tex, however did retrieve the bird to hand gently and kindly, but unfortunately that ended his day at 14.

Bullet continued to run hard to the front. He was found standing at 20. The bird was in the tree and after flushing the bird, Bell blanked his gun and all was in order. Bullet looked very good on his bird displaying style and honesty. Bullet was cast away again, and he took a northern line running to the front. He finished his line and was always hard on the edges, running the right direction. At 35, Bullet appeared agin running hard to the front. At 43, right before Horsekiller Hill, Bell elected to water Bullet and cast him away again.

At 57, as Bullet ran up a hill, Bullet had stopped to flush on a bird on the far side of the hill. However, neither judges saw the incident and thus were unable judge anything. Bullet was cast off once again, and finished the hour going forward. Bullet was always on the edge and attacking the cover. He was consistently forward and finished his lines every time. He was extremely strong to the front and handled himself well. Bullet also was impeccable on his bird work. Adding all of this together, Bullet's performance was worthy of a Championship win and deservedly so.

Brace 2A - Bravo's Olympic Flame (Smokin') - LaRue
Brace 2B - Lundy's Fiddlin With Fire (Cali) - Fidler

Both of the dogs were cast off right at the bottom of a hill to begin the second brace of the morning. Immediately, both dogs were running hard to the front and disappeared over the crest of the ridge. As the course turned to the right, Cali was found standing. As Fidler approached to flush the bird, a turkey erupted from the point. Cali handled herself beautifully and all was well. Since turkeys are considered off game, this was not counted as a find. (This turkey was such a surprise, that someone in the gallery muttered, "Was that a goose that just flew over?" ) At 8, Smokin' was seen running a line beautifully to the front. Both dogs were running competitively and pushing each other to the front. At Sycamore Bottom, Cali was running hard to the front and pushed through Sycamore Bottom. At 32, Smokin' was found on point. From a distance, it appeared that the situation was going to be very difficult as Smokin' was pointed straight down. As LaRue went in for the flush, this was more than Smokin' could handle and she went in with the handler on the bird. Smokin's day ended at 32 for breach of manners. Cali continued on forward, running to the front. She was last seen at 46 running hard and to the front. It was very easily apparent that Cali and Fidler have a great relationship with one another as well as she had handled for Fidler. Several times throughout the brace Cali could be seen making eye contact with the handler and taking wordless direction understanding where Fidler wanted her to go She ran an extremely large, but race for most of the time. As the handler crested a large hill on Course Two time was called. Cali was out of pocket at the time and the scout was sent. After a short period of time, Cali was seen running across the top of a hill and her bid had ended.

Brace 3A - Lundy's Red Bull (Bull) - Miller
Brace 3B - Wiki Wiki Tiki Man (Tiki) - Chadwell

Both dogs were cast away at 1:24 in the afternoon. The sun was out and much of the snow was in the process of melting. After the dogs briefly met each other and discussed some differences, they soon took off on course one. Tiki immediately took one line to the south, and Bull took one line to the north. Both dogs took their lines and ran strong to the front. As the dogs continued to work through the lines, both dogs were found on point on two different birds in two different areas. Both dogs were within 100 yards of each other. Both handlers dismounted and simultaneously went in to flush birds for their dogs. Miller was able to produce a bird, and all was in order, with Bull showing tremendous style and manners. Chadwell continued to flush for Tiki, taking quite a bit amount of time to produce a bird. Tiki held through all of this with style and grace, and upon production of the bird, Chadwell moved Tiki on. Both dogs moved on and at 13, Tiki was found to be standing a bird, with Bull backing. Chadwell could not produce a bird and relocated Tiki. Bull was allowed to move on. Tiki continued to attempt a relocate, but was unable to find a bird and carded an unproductive find. Bull was found to be standing 17. Miller went in to flush, but was unable to produce a bird. Bull was relocated, but eventually took a nonproductive. Bull was released and he continued on course, attacking the front and running his lines appropriately. Bull is a seasoned veteran to the trial game and has competed against all breeds and is always a dog to be reckoned with. Today however was just not his day. Tiki continued on with a strong forward race carding a find at 23. Chadwell went in to flush, produced a bird and all was well. Tiki finished the hour, with two finds and doing a very nice job for his handler.

Brace 4A - Wegler's Penny Lane (Penny) - Wegler
Brace 4B - JB's Pistol (Pistol) - Bell

The brace started off with the dogs hot out of the chute. Penny ran a nice forward race, handling kindly, and making some noteworthy moves. At 28, the handler elected to pick Penny up when she wasn't performing to his standard. Pistol was fast and forward, hitting the edges hard, while finishing majority of moves he began. He hunted the right objectives, and was constantly working. Out of sight on several occasions, but generally showing up to the front with little effort needed from the scout, running a very natural race. Pistol had a find at 28 at the top of Right Hill. It was one of two wild covey finds in the Amateur stake that this scriber was able to note.

Brace 5A - Crimsons Bogart that Joint (Bogart) - Stapleton
Brace 5B - Tejas Diamond Redneck Tejas (Tejas) - Abbott

Bogart ran nicely for his handler, hunting hard and being rewarded with finds at 34 and 47. He displayed good manners on his birds. Though Bogart was working hard, his race began to decline after the second find, and the handler opted to pick him up at 52. Tejas ran a very strong race, unmatched by many in the stake. He started the stake disappearing seconds after the break away while going forward, and showing to the front. The dog had a pattern of moving forward and out and constantly reappearing in the nick of time in the forward vicinity, often unbeknownst to his scout who rode the ground hard trying to ensure we didn't miss him. Tejas was a powerful dog from the moment he broke away to the moment he ended his bid by retrieving to hand.

Brace 6A - Hillbillie's New Hope (Hope) - Austin
Brace 6B - Kick'm Up Kimber (Kimber) - Bell

Hope had a forward race that ended very quickly when she elected not to back her bracemate at 3. Kimber started the brace in style with a find at 3. At 8, she had another staunch and stylish find, staying tight through the flush. She had superior ground speed, with a beautiful easy gait to match. Her application was just less consistent than the braces prior, thus the handler elected to pick his up at the top of horse killer hill.

Brace 7A - Bling Bling (Bling) - Bell
Brace 7B - Bravo's Rockin Rollen (Rollen) - LaRue

The day began with an 8:35 breakaway on a breezy day on course One. At the breakaway, Bling took one line on the course, and Rollen took the opposite line. Bling making a huge intial cast, finished out the line and crossed the field to begin on the other line. Rollen finished out her line and continued with a great forward move. At 6, Bling was found standing with Rollen backing. Bell went into flush, produced a bird, and both dogs were moved on. Both dogs took a perpendicular cut and disappeared running wide. Scouts were sent and Rollen was seen running on the hillside through the trees. She came off of the hill and showed to the front, attacking another line. Bling appeared to the front running hard. Bling was pointed at 20 with Rollen backing nicely. Bell went in to flush and an extended flushing attempt was made. Bling stood through very nicely through the attempt and was allowed to relocate. Rollen was allowed to move on. Bling eventually took a non-productive and was moved on. Bling carded another find at 24, with Rollen very stylishly backing Bling. Bell went in to flush, and after another extended flushing attempt, the bird was seen walking out in front of the handler. Bell was able to get the bird in the air and he blanked his gun. All was in order and both dogs moved on. At 35, Bling was found standing another bird. Bell attempted to flush, and after an extended flushing attempt, the judge dismounted to get a better view. Bling was allowed to relocate, and she did so successfully, finding the bird on the relocation. Bell was able to produce the bird and all was in order. Rollen continued on her run and had a very stylish find at 44. The bird flushed wild, the gun blanked and all was in order. Both dogs continued and finished the hour nicely and to the front. Bling ran a very large and powerful race hitting her lines well. Rollen also did a very nice job in her ground race and was a very stylish lady.

Brace 8A - Hillbillie's New Hope (Bishop) - Tomczak
Brace 8B - Saginaw Cya Reba (Reba) - Johnson

The dogs broke away at 9:51. Both dogs ran hard to the front, at the top of the beginning of course two. As the course rounded to the right, Reba was found standing. The bird flushed wild, the handler blanked his gun and gathered Reba up. Meanwhile, Bishop was already out in front and crossed the front well out to the front. As the dogs came down the hill into the cornfield, both dogs were showing well to the front. Bishop had been absent for a couple of minutes and soon appeared to the front. Bishop was running one line and Reba was running on the opposite line. It was quite the sight to see, watching both dogs running parallel with each other on opposite lines. Both dogs were running hard to the front at 17. Reba really began to open up at this point. Bishop had already been running strong to the front and both dogs were seen running to the front and rimming the bowl. Bishop punched through the bowl and pushed through to the front. Reba showed to the front nicely. At 24, Bishop was seen running to the front nicely. Reba had disappeared for a couple of minutes but showed up later, somewhat to the rear. Johnson decided to pick up Reba 34, as she just wasn't meeting the high standards that had placed on her. Bishop continued on and Tomczak decided to water Bishop at 28. At 40 Bishop made a nice move to the front, and he appeared to the front. Tomczak watered Bishop at 43, as the weather and the conditions began to take their toll on Bishop. At 52, Tomczak picked up Bishop for failure to please the handler. Bishop was making some really nice moves throughout the course, but he just ran out of gas.

Brace 9A - Juno (Juno) - Weber
Brace 9B - Crimson's Lord Rigby of Linden (Rigby) - Spurgeon

Both dogs were cast off at the top of Course Three. Rigby and Juno both immediately took to the front hunting and running hard. At 8, both dogs were to the front, handling very kindly and hunting hard. Both Rigby and Juno were gathered up at 22 and watered. They were cast off again, running wide and hunting appropriate adjectives well. The dogs were very attentive to their handlers and did a very nice job of hunting the terrain. At 27, Weber decided to pick up Juno for failing to please the handler. Juno did a nice job of running but just was not her day. Rigby continued on, dropping into the creekbed, and running forward. Rigby showed to the front and moved forward and to the front. At 43, Rigby was found standing very stylishly and the handler went in to flush. He was unable to produce a bird, and relocated Rigby. Spurgeon was unable to produce a bird on the relocation attempt and elected to pick up Rigby.

Brace 10A - Durite's Hoosier Daddy (Hoosier) - Syczylo
Brace 10B - Boot Scoot'n Boogie (Boots) - Bell

This was the first brace of the afternoon, on course one. It was a brisk windy afternoon with the forecast slated to hit the sixties. Quite a change from the snow and cold temperatures from the day before. Both dogs were cast off at 1:00, with Boots immediately attacking the front with a powerful race. Hoosier took to the edge and ran it very nicely to the front. Hoosier was found standing at 8 with very nice style. Syczylo went in to flush, and attempted to flush for quite some time. Hoosier stood all of that with style, and the handler was unable to produce a bird. Hoosier was relocated, and could not pin down a bird. Hoosier took a non-productive and was moved on. At 14, Boots was found to be standing a bird. Bell went in to flush and was able to produce a bird for Boots. He blanked his gun, collared Boots up and moved him on. Five minutes later in the course, after another tremendous forward attack, Boots was found to be standing another bird at 19. Bell flushed the bird politely and blanked his gun and moved Boots on. Boots continued his attack on the course with another powerful forward move to the front. Hoosier also was seen running with style and ease to the front of the course. Boots made another appearance rimming the island on the appropriate side of the island using the wind to his advantage. At 30, Bell watered Boots and moved him on. Hoosier was found on point once again, and Syczylo went in to flush for Hoosier. She could not produce a bird, and elected to pick up her dog.

Boots continued out, attacking the front and showing at the appropriate time. He attacked and cleared Horse-Killer hill with gusto and continued on course. He finished the hour and completed the course. Boots runs a strong forward race, and often times displays that certain "it" that we all seem to love in a dog. Boots finished the hour strong and this performance made him worthy of a Runner-Up Championship.

Brace 12A - Shiloh's Southern Reckonin (Trouble) - Austin
Brace 12B - Ciara Markham (Sis) - Aitken

This brace began in the second brace of the afternoon. The temperature was beginning to climb in a windy and sunny afternoon. Both Sis and Trouble took to the front and disappeared to the front. Trouble handled nicely, attacking an edge and running it to the front. Sis also showed to the front running forward. As the course turned to the right, both dogs were able to be turned and showed to the front. As the course ran down the hill, both dogs followed down the hill where the course bottle necked for a bit and then opened back up. Trouble was seen running to the front, and Sis was nowhere to be seen. Sis was last seen running wide and to the front and then had disappeared. A scout was sent to attempt to find Sis and bring her around. She eventually showed from the side, and came up towards the front to make a move. Austin decided to water Trouble at 21 and proceed on. The course narrowed again, and then opened up into a very large field. Both dogs were seen standing at 31 and Trouble was given credit with the find and Sis the back. After an extended flushing attempt, Trouble was allowed to relocate and Sis was allowed to move on. Trouble relocated very kindly, established a point and Austin was able to produce a bird. Both dogs were watered and moved on. As the handlers and judges turned to go through a gate, Sis continued to make a huge move on a hillside and disappeared for quite some time. Trouble handled to the front, through the gate and through the small valley. At this time, a spectator's horse had barbed wire tangled in its tail and the gallery was "clogged up" in the bottle neck traffic jam that was occurring. Aitken's scout (S. Fidler) was riding extremely hard trying to catch up to Sis and was able to bring her around. Both the scout and Sis had to weave their way through the gallery to get to the front. Sis and Trouble were showing signs of fatigue but continued to attempt to gut it out. After all of the commotion, Sis was found standing a bird at 45 to the front with Trouble being whoa'd into a back. Aitken went in to flush, the blank gun fired and all was in order. The heat took their toll on both dogs, and both handlers elected to pick up their dogs at 55.

Brace 13A - Durite's Whoo Nelly (Nelly) - Syczylo
Brace 13B - Shiloh's Red White and Blue (Blue) - Tomczak

Both dogs broke away on course 3 at 3:43 pm. Both dogs began a powerful forward race from the breakaway. Nelly's breakaway was so powerful that she was lost from the start. She displayed independence and run, however, she could not be located and the handler had to take out the tracker. Nelly was eventually thankfully found and brought back to camp. Blue continued on through the course and was found standing by the scout at 10 and the scout indicated to Tomczak that Blue was standing with style and intensity. Tomczak rode to Blue, was able to produce a bird for Blue and moved him on. Unfortunately, Blue was not feeling well and was not able to run like he is capable of. Tomczak noticed this, and elected to pick up Blue up at 16.

Brace 14A - Wegler's Crown Royal (Roy) - Wegler
Roy ran by himself in the final brace of the day and of the stake. This was unfortunately, also the hottest part of the day. Roy broke away from course one, taking a line and running it beautifully to the front. He runs with a very stylish gait and smooth forward motion. Right before the first creek crossing at 9, Roy was found to be standing a bird very stylishly. Wegler went in to flush, the bird was produced, and all was well. Wegler took Roy on to the rest of the course and he continued to hunt hard. Roy continued to look great on course one. He finished the hour forward.

National Derby Classic

Brace 1A - BGK Twenty Cal Barrett "Barret", Handler Jarrett Bell
Brace 1B - Burr Oak's Jessies Girl "Jessie", Handler Brian Gingrich

Barret displayed a forward race had a couple of finds and handled kindly. His range was consistent and forward which awarded him runner up. Jessie showed a lot of promise, but went missing and Garmin was ordered.

Brace 2A - CK Guy's TNT Tina "Tina", Handler Ron Chenowith
Brace 2B - Burr Oak's Ellie Mae "Ellie Mae", Handler Brian Gingrich

Tina was very forward, showed significant range and power throughout the brace. She had two finds with her first being very mannerly and displaying her future as a broke dog.

Ellie may also showed good range and ground speed, but was not as fluent in her application and a little difficult to come off of her birds. She shows a lot of promise for the future.

Brace 3A - Red River's Boxa Southern Clay "Clay", Handler Caleb Bryson
Brace 3B - Another Mai Tai Please "Ty", Handler Chad Chadwell

Both dogs hunted in a forward fashion and Clay was found pointed at 6 with Ty honoring. Clay held through the flush, chased once the gun was fired. Ty displayed excellent manners for a young dog, holding through the shot and the pressure of the top dog chasing the bird in flight. Ty went on to have his own broke find. Application and consistency throughout the 1/2 hour may have kept these two promising youngsters out of the ribbons.

Brace 4A - Rumor Has It "Rumor", Handler JoAnne Weber
Brace 4B - Rubin Roux Hart "Rubin", Handler Brian Gingrich

Rumor has an attractive gait with a powerful way about her. Her application was not as consistent as some of the dogs who placed. She did not card a find during her 30 minutes.

Rubin also showed a lot of power and range. He did not warrant any finds which kept him from the winners circle. He shows a lot of promise.

Brace 5A - Ck Guy's Kid "Kid", Handler Ron Chenowith
Brace 5B - Mira's Mr. Playmaker "Driver", Handler Brian Gingrich

Kid had moments of greatness but due to his age didn't have the mental maturity to hang by himself. He checked in with his handler a couple of times which warranted his end because the handler picked him up at 20.

Driver was forward and powerful. He carded two finds and handled kindly. He shows a lot of future promise and was awarded 3rd for his efforts.

Brace 6A - Burr Oak's BamBam "Bam Bam", Handler Brian Gingrich
Brace 6B - Dravo Leezay's Zinger "Zing", Handler Julie LaRue

This was a fun brace with both dogs hunting forward and complementing one another throughout the 30 minutes. Both dogs showed slight lack of maturity with application and both were very difficult to come off their birds. Both dogs had multiple finds and show a lot of desire and potential for the future.

Brace 7A - Durite's Infectious "Fever", Handler Mikayle Syczylo
Brace 7B - Shawnee's Kate "Kate", Handler Brian Gingrich

Fever was forward but had trouble sticking a line today. She did show a lot future promise with a snappy gait and a desire to get to the front. Kate had moments of brilliance but her lack of consistency likely kept her out of the winners circle this time around. She too has a promising future.

Brace 8A - Tex's Sweet Child O'Mine "Axel", Handler Mark Smith
Brace 8B - Hillbillie's Omaha Hero "Dutch", Handler Josh McPhearson

Axel showed very forward at times yet very behind at times. When he begins to stay forward he will be a big contender.

Dutch also seemed a bit directionally challenged yet showed moments of big potential.

Brace 9A - Ramblin Rivers Ramblin Man "Seger", Handler Bill Stapleton
Brace 9B - Crimson's Double Twenty Gauge "Gauge", Handler Mark Spurgeon

Seger would have been difficult to keep out of the ribbons had he had a find. He did not, but was forward and powerful and will be a contender down the road. Gauge was forward for much of the stake, but flat in others and appeared fatigued. By this time of the day it was hot and many of our dogs are coming off of one the harshest winters in history.

Brace 10A - Midnight Runs Probable Cause "Kayla", Handler Brian Gingrich
Brace 10B - Crimson's Rowdy Rudy "Rowdy", Handler Mark Spurgeon

Kayla had very forward range and like many of the dogs in this stake showed moments of high class and range yet she showed moments of inconsistency throughout the brace. Had she stayed consistent she likely would have found herself in the placements. She had a couple of finds during the 30 minutes. Rowdy's range was moderate. He handled kindly had two finds, but didn't display the range and power that the winners did.

Brace 11A - BGK Red Hot Lead "Sig", Handler Justin Hess
Brace 11B - CK Countryside Buck "Buck", Handler Brian Gingrich

Sig showed moderate range and had a find yet again his range and power wasn't enough on this day.

Buck was big and forward. He was a little rough at times but shows a lot of promise. He had a find.

Brace 12A - Durite's Shoot From the Hip "Hippie", Handler Carrie Syczylo

Hippie was a bye in season dog. She like many of the others showed great promise but was a bit inconsistent throughout the brace. She had one find.