2004 Championship Results


Winner: Kal-Cam's Red Thunder
Sire: Fieldway's Jack Daniels
Dam: Rebel Rouser Sackett
Owner: Gordon Long
Handler: Daniel Burjan
Breeder: Gordon Long


Runner Up: Tommy Boy
Sire: Grand Slam Sam
Dam: Rebel Rouser Copper Tone
Owner: Mike & Darlene Lundy
Handler: Mike Lundy
Breeder: Bonnie Bergmeyer

2004 National Amateur Championship Results


Winner: Kal-Cam's Red Thunder
Sire: Fieldway's Jack Daniels
Dam: Rebel Rouser Sackett
Owner: Gordon Long
Handler: Dustin Ochs
Breeder: Gordon Long


Runner Up: Desert Storm's Desirae
Sire: Shotgun Danny Dude
Dam: Desert Storm Brandi Roselle
Owner: Barry Peterson
Handler: Barry Peterson
Breeder: Barry Peterson

2004 Derby Classic Results


Winner: Berry's Taking Chances
Sire: Fieldway's Hard Cash
Dam: Berry's Kissed By An Angel
Owner: Mike & Carrie Syczylo
Handler: Jim Blumentritt
Breeder: Gary Jagoda


Runner Up: Shiloh Luck O The Irish
Sire: Upwind Shiloh Mark of Zorro
Dam: Shiloh Madach's Mishka
Owner: Chad & Brynne Bock
Handler: Robert Tomczak
Breeder: Robert Tomczak


Thunder wins both the Amateur and Open Championships

By Bonnie Hidalgo


            The 2004 National Vizsla Championships were held at Grove Springs, Missouri on March 22 through 25.  The trial was conducted over the Sportsmen’s Association grounds; a fine venue that is the site of several championship trials each year.  The Vizsla events began on Monday with the National Championship.  It was the 10th renewal of this stake.

            Kal-Cam’s Red Thunder was declared the winner.  The seven year old Vizsla male annexed his sixth Championship title with this win.  He was handled by Daniel Burjan for his owner Gordon Long of Millersville, Pennsylvania.

            Tommy Boy took the runner-up honors under the guidance of Mike Lundy.  Tommy is owned by Mike and Darlene Lundy of Gardner, Kansas.

            The drawing for all stakes was held on Sunday evening at the Clubhouse.  It was conducted by Dustin Ochs and Mike Lundy, with the assistance of Darlene Lundy, Amy Vogt, and Eric Ebert.  The National Championship attracted a field of 25 starters.

            Judges for the Open Championship were David Taylor of Neola, Iowa and Dr. Gary Cowell of Lancaster, Missouri.  Both of these gentlemen have years of experience with bird dogs and field trials.  They have each judged major championships around the country.  Their decision was well received.  David was accompanied by his wife, Marilyn, and Gary by his wife, Connie.

            The National Derby Classic ran on Wednesday March 24th.  Thirteen young Vizslas were drawn and all competed.  The Derby Classic winner was Berry’s Taking Chances, handled by Jim Blumentritt of Galveston, Texas for Carrie and Mike Syczylo of Martinsville, Indiana.

Runner-up went to Shiloh Luck O’the Irish owned and handled by Robert Tomczak of Elk Mound, Wisconsin.

            Berry’s Taking Chances race was strong and forward.  He put enthusiasm into his hunting effort and was rewarded with a find.  He pointed his birds stylishly before taking them out.

Shiloh’s Luck O’the Irish ran an attractive pattern with good speed and carriage.  He slowed in Sycamore Valley after being watered at the pond.  He was unwell but worked out of it to finish forward.

            Judges for the Derby Classic were Andy Daugherty of Grovesprings and Gary Cowell.  They were alert and quick to get to the scene of any bird work, realizing how fast events transpire with juveniles involved.  They did a great job.

            The sixth running of the National Amateur Championship was the final stake of the trial.  Thirteen dogs were entered but scratches reduced the field to eleven.  The stake was run in its entirety on Thursday.

Kal Cam’s Red Thunder annexed his second title of the week by winning this Amateur Championship.  Gordon Long’s top rate contender was handled to this win by Dustin Ochs.

            Desert Storm’s Desirae put in an excellent hour of bird finding to garner the runner-up title.  Desi was handled by her owner, Barry Peterson of Saginaw Michigan.

            Judges for the Amateur Championship were Ken Chenoweth of Fair Grove, MO. and Robert Thompson of Strafford, MO.  These two gave their full attention to the contestants and chose popular winners.  Both of these men are involved with German Shorthaired Pointers and know what a good bird dog should do.  Bob won a shorthair championship on these grounds several years ago.

            The National Vizsla Association has many hard working members.  Trial Chairman Dustin Ochs worked hard before and during this event to see that all went well.  Club President Mike Lundy and his wife Darlene were a big help with their time and equipment, their truck doubled as the dog wagon.  Roger Duncan and Barry Peterson gave invaluable assistance with bird planting and marshaling.  Also lending a hand in various capacities were Bill Linnig, Robert Tomzak, Greg Konan, Hank Rozanek, Amy Vogt, Eric Ebert, and Sonny and Verla Mortenson.  The efforts of all these people came together, creating an enjoyable and successful trial.

The grounds were in excellent condition with birds found on all courses.  Some dogs had multiple contacts while others went without.

The facilities here are well utilized by this group.  Many people stayed in the bunk house or camped in their rigs using the many electrical hook-ups.  The corrals were full; the barn nearly so.  Use was also made of the kennels.  Joan Covey and Patti Lindsay kept everyone fed at breakfast and lunch.  These gals do a great job and are pleasant to be around.  The amenities here were definitely a plus when it came to choosing Grovesprings as the permanent home of this Championship back in 2000.

            Sponsors of this year’s National Vizsla Championships were Purina, Tri-Tronics and Dressler’s Dog Supplies.  These businesses contributed generously and enabled this trial to be a financial success.  Donations of dog food, training collars, and dog equipment are favorites with competitors.  Sonny and Verla Mortenson donated cash to the Derby purse.  Gary Jagoda donated Saddlebags and a scabbard as Derby Classic awards.  The Association is very grateful for all of its sponsors.


The skies cleared for Tuesday afternoons running and temperatures climbed.  Thunder ran as a bye dog in the first brace that afternoon.  His handler had dogs in each of the remaining braces and some of the last contestants were females in season.  Thunder ran a terrific forward race.  His entire hour was strong and he capped it with one stylish find.  His manners on game were impeccable.  This multi-titled Champion has shown a consistent ability through the years to perform in the highest capacity.  Daniel Burjan, his trainer, and Gordon Long, his owner, have reason to be proud of him.

The Runner-up Champion, Tommy Boy was braced with Shiloh’s Mark of Zorro in the stake’s fourth brace.  Tommy climbed the bluff early and had trouble getting down.  Lundy went to his aid and had a difficult time getting down himself.  Tommy ran a forward pattern at very nice range.  Midway through Davis bottoms he pointed near the creek.  This was an excellent limb find which was executed with manners, style, and intensity.  Tommy continued forward, showing stamina for the remainder of the hour.  Tommy Boy is always a force to be reckoned with at these trials.  He has won several Champion and Runner-up titles since bursting into the Champion’s winners circle as a two year old in 2000.

            Zorro was carried by the judges until the eventual champion performed.  Zorro, handled by his owner Robert Tomczak, was not as wide as Tommy but he displayed a good pattern.  Zorro hunted hard and found birds on three occasions.  His first find came at 39 just beyond Vacuum Hollow.  The birds were hard to flush but it was completed with all in order.  His next find was carded at 44, just below Horse Killer Hill.  He showed nice manners and high intensity.  At 50, just through the gate above Horse Killer he pointed again.  It was another fine piece of bird work.  He also suffered one nonproductive during his hour.

On Point’s Tuff Stuff was released at the gate on Apple Tree Hill in the second brace of the stake.  She was handled by John Reid and is a former winner of this Championship.  Tuffy pointed in Melvin Cliff bottoms at 21 with brace mate also pointing.  It was questionable work with birds in the air; benefit of the doubt was given.  At 32, Tuffy scored a clean find in Sycamore Valley.  She lost some style at the flush.  At 38, she carded her third find.  This was along the cross ditch near the end of Sycamore valley.  This was a nice piece of work.  At 47, she carded another find in a draw off the alley to Twin Barns.  This was an excellent, dug in find.  Her fifth find came at 59, along the edge west of the barns.  Her work here was flawless.  Her race was consistent but lacked the sought after range.




            Zack started well, using the lines appropriately.  Billie hunted smartly. At 30, Zack became too interested in Billie and both were picked up.

ONPOINT’S TUFF STUFF (Reid) – Bubba (Hoffman)

            Tuffy’s hour is described above.  Bubba was pointed in Melvin Cliff bottoms at 21 with Tuffy.  It was questionable work with birds in the air, but both dogs were stopped when judges and gallery arrived.  Bubba was picked up at 40.


            Lexi pointed turkey at 18 in Climer’s pasture.  She scored a good quail find at 54 near the double gates.  Lexi ran a medium race.  Duke was wide and strong.  He got behind a couple times.  At 52, he scored a nice find below the double gates.  Both dogs finished forward.


            This brace has been described earlier.


            Autumn ran well with no contacts.  Cash ran a strong race and was difficult to manage at times.  He had no bird work.


            Pappy made a good effort but showed lameness by the half and was picked up.  Husker ran a good race, checking the edges well.  He pointed in the far northwest corner of the hill behind the parking lot.  Husker was steady to wing and shot.  He finished his hour to the front.

BACI (Reid) – BELLE (Jagoda)

            This was the final hour on Monday.  Belle scored a mannerly find at 12.  Baci backed politely.


            Tuesday morning’s running was held in a light rain.  This pair shared a find near the end of Davis Bottoms at 31.  A covey lifted as the handlers arrived and they fired their guns before the judges were close at hand.  Newman pointed again below Horse Killer Hill at 42.  All was in order here. 


            Skeeter hunted but not at his normal range and speed.  He showed evidence of unsoundness and was picked up early in the hour.  Point was called for Axel at 21.  Birds were in the air and the dog was stationary throughout the work.


            This was the final brace on Tuesday morning.  Both dogs made some nice moves.  Gypsy was not as strong as Kramer.


            This was the eventual Champion.


            Suzi pointed along the right edge in Melvin Cliff bottom at 9.  She took the birds out to end her bid.  Desi scored on the edge just before the twin barns.  This was at 44 and all was well done.  In the bull pasture at 49 she scored again in a feed strip.  She handled it with high intensity and first rate manners.  Desi pointed again coming into Climer’s pasture but ended the hour taking a nonproductive.


            It was warm when this pair was released just inside Climer’s.  It was not Callie’s day and she was up early.  Kansas pointed below the pond at 24 but no birds were found.  He pointed again at the second pond with no luck and was picked up.


            Kal-Cam’s Red Thunder found his way back to the Winner’s Circle for the second time in as many days.  This time Dustin Ochs was at the helm.  Thunder was in the fifth brace, the second on Thursday afternoon.  As the first brace was up early he was released at the creek crossing just below the double gates.  Thunder scored at 5 on the far left side of Davis Bottoms.  All was in order.  Scout Mike Lundy called point for him at 20, buried along the creek this time.  It was a class piece of work.  Thunder’s third and final find came at 30.  Once more he stood tight with top style.  His race was strong and forward throughout the hour.

Desert Storm’s Desirae put on a bird finding exhibition to claim the runner-up honors.  The seven and one-half year old Desi has done considerable winning in one hour competition for her owner and handler, Barry Peterson.  Her Championship placements include winning this stake in 2002.  Her race was medium in range but she hunted every step of the way.  Her first find came at 23 with all in order.  Her next find at 30 was also flawless.  In Climer’s pasture, at 40, she connected again handling her game beautifully.  Five minutes later she pointed on the hillside showing perfect manners.  Her next find came at 51, approaching camp and her sixth was at 57 near the parking lot.  She made no mistakes on her birds, handling everything with finesse and style.



            Thomas pointed along the right edge at 15.  Gypsy failed to back and was picked up.  No birds were produced.  Thomas pointed again at 30 well into Davis Bottoms.  He whirled to mark the flush before breaking and chasing.


            This was a fun brace to watch.  Hunter ran a superb race.  Both dogs started well, making strong forward moves along the edges.  They both handled remarkably well.  Hunter proved to be the stronger, maintaining his excellent moves for the entire hour.  There was a questionable piece of bird work just before Horse Killer Hill but while both dogs were present it was hard to say which dog had moved.  The benefit of the doubt was given and both continued.  No other birds were contacted until Tommy Boy treed one at time.


            Bubba pointed just before Climer’s pasture at 18 but settled for a nonproductive.  He found no game this hour.  Zack was not wide in range and was picked up before time.


            Billie pointed at 12 but crowded her bird on relocation and was picked up.  Lexi had nice finds at 7 and 12.  She pointed a third time at 21 but rooted the bird to end her bid.


            Thunder’s performance is listed in the Amateur Winner’s section.


            Desi’s runner-up winning hour is given above.  Suzi ran a medium race with one excellent find on a wild covey.