2003 Championship Results


Winner: Kal-Cam's Go Girl
Sire: Fieldway's Jack Daniels
Dam: Rebel Rouser Sackett
Owner: Kelley Hansen
Handler: Daniel Burjan
Breeder: Gordon Long


Runner Up: Withheld

2003 National Amateur Championship Results


Winner: Tommy Boy
Sire: Grand Slam Sam
Dam: Rebel Rouser Copper Tone
Owner: Mike & Darlene Lundy
Handler: Mike Lundy
Breeder: Bonnie Bergmeyer


Runner Up: Kal-Cam's Red Thunder
Sire: Fieldway's Jack Daniels
Dam: Rebel Rouser Sackett
Owner: Gordon Long
Handler: Dustin Ochs
Breeder: Gordon Long

2003 Derby Classic Results


Winner: Obvious Conclusion
Owner: Mike Lundy
Handler: Mike Lundy


Runner Up: BK's Strike
Owner: Carol Burjan
Handler: Daniel Burjan


By Bonnie Hidalgo

The 2003 renewal of the National Vizsla Association’s Championship Field Trial was held at Grove Springs, MO. The 9th running of this event commenced on Monday March 24 and concluded March 27. The Championship program includes Open and Amateur National Championships as well as the National Derby Classic.

Kal- Cam’s Go Girl emerged victorious in the National Championship. She is owned by Kelley Hansen of Bothell, Washington and was handled to the title by Daniel Burjan. No Runner-up was named.
The National Derby Classic followed the National Championship. Obvious Conclusion won it for her owner and handler, Mike Lundy of Gardener, Kansas. Runner-up went to B-K’s Strike. Strike is owned by Carol Burjan and was handled by Daniel Burjan.

The National Amateur Championship laurels went to Tommy Boy owned by Mike and Darlene Lundy and handled by Mike.

Kal-Kam’s Red Thunder captured the runner-up honors for Pennsylvania owner Gordon Long. Dustin Ochs handled Thunder to the win.

The Drawing for all stakes took place on Sunday March 23 at the Clubhouse on the Southwest Missouri Sportsmen’s Association grounds. The National Championship attracted an entry of eighteen Vizslas of which seventeen competed. The Derby Classic drew twenty-five young contenders. The field for the Amateur Championship was fourteen. The Drawing was conducted by Trial Secretary Dean Nelson and Club President Mike Lundy.

The Venue at the Sportsmen’s Association grounds consists of three one-hour courses. The terrain varies from long valleys to steep hills. There are plenty of nice edges lined with feed strips for dogs to hunt. The grounds were in excellent condition. Quail were released during the trial to augment those coveys already established. Even so, bird work was not abundant.

The Headquarters offer all the amenities for a great trial. Meals were served in the Clubhouse for breakfast and lunch by Joan Covey and Patty Lindsay. The Clubhouse also boasts a bunk room and showers which are free for the participants. Electrical hook-ups are available for a nominal fee for those wishing to camp. The barn houses a bird pen so that the quail to be released are kept safely. Horses can be stabled in the barn or kept in corrals just down the road from the Clubhouse. There are fifty dog kennels available for use on a first come first serve basis. In short, all field trial needs are accommodated.

Judges for the National Championship were Don Fox of Licking, MO. and Jerry Jordan of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Jerry filled in when advertised Judge, Andy Daugherty was forced to cancel. Both of these men have years of experience with pointing dogs. Don with English Pointers and Jerry with German Shorthairs.

The National Derby Classic was presided over by Don Fox and Bill Burton. Bill is from Chillicothe, MO. He is well respected as a judge of fine bird dogs and campaigns Brittanys.

In the National Amateur Championship Bill Burton was joined by Garvin Collins. Garvin hails from Liberty, MO. He has judged many important pointer and setter trials and has also competed successfully. Their decision was well received.

The members of the National Vizsla Association are a hard working lot. They all pitch in when and where needed. Mike Lundy supplied his truck for the dog wagon which was driven by several different members. Those that took turn with dog wagon detail were Hank Rozanek, George Noren ,Sonny Mortenson and Darlene Lundy.

The duties of field marshal were covered by Roger Duncan ,Mike Lundy, Dustin Ochs, and several others who helped with opening and closing the gates through the Climer’s pastures.

Roger Duncan took care of the quail and was assisted in planting by Dustin Ochs and Barry Peterson.
The National Vizsla Association is very grateful for the support of it’s sponsors. Purina was a major sponsor, contributing dog food and financial aid. Tri-Tronics donated the training collar that was awarded to the winner of the Open Championship. Dresslers donated many items to the fund raising raffle. The Association and all trial participants extend a giant “Thank-You” to these generous companies.


Kal Cam’s Go Girl won the Derby Classic here in 2001. She showed great promise then and now she has proven that she’s got “what it takes”. Susie, as she is called, is the product of two former National Champions. She was sired by Fieldways Jack Daniels and is out of Rebel Rouser Sackett. Her owner, Kelley Hansen acquired her from the Burjan’s as a pup and handled her to the derby win of two years ago. Kelley had the foresight to put her in training with Daniel Burjan with this Nationals in mind. It paid off, the only downside of the story is that Kelley was unable to attend.

The National Championship was the opening stake of the trial. The weather was extremely warm for Monday’s running. The sun’s heat took it’s toll on many performances. Tuesday’s weather was more suitable field trial weather. The Champion, Kal Cam’s Go Girl appeared in the seventh brace, the first on Tuesday morning.

Kal-Cam’s Go Girl warmed into her race, hunting her edges more thoroughly as time went on. Scout Carol Burjan called point for her at 30. She was standing tall in a feed strip on the right edge of Davis bottom. She had a small covey well located. She displayed good style, intensity and manners. She vanished briefly at Vacuum Hollow but she came through to the front at 42. Her second find came at 52 along the ditch just before Horse Killer Hill. This was also a class piece of bird work. She finished going away on Apple Tree Hill. Her performance was heads above the rest so it was fitting that no runner-up be named. Judges Don Fox and Jerry Jordan named her National Champion.


Lizzie was scratched. Stryker pointed along the creek bed beyond the double gates at 17. The dog worked the ditch and then the feedstrip for quite a distance but took a nonproductive at 30. He hunted from there to the start of Davis bottoms without adequate range and his handler opted to pick up at 37.

They released into Davis bottom. At 6, Lexi pointed in a cross hedge. She displayed good manners and intensity. At 21, Tuffy pointed with Lexi backing, this along the ditch just before Horse Killer Hill. It was nicely done. Lexi turned in an attractive race, using the edges well. Tuffy was forward but not at wide range. At 40 Lexi pointed with Tuffy honoring. Lexi took out a quail on top of the hill at 47 to end her chances. Tuffy finished forward.

Both looked great through Sycamore Valley and on to the twin barns. Tommy pointed at 25, it was a good piece of work. At 33 he pointed again but didn’t look right so his handler whistled him up. He moved into birds and was put on the hook. Thunder pointed near the pond before Climer’s pasture. He had quail well located and all was in order. Thunder pointed just before the clubhouse but it was a blank. He pointed again at 51 and attempted relocation until time expired but was not successful.

This was Monday afternoon’s first brace. Start was delayed until 2 pm but even then the heat was oppressive. Both slowed early but Cowboy picked up steam again by 38 and was lost at Vacuum Hollow. Meetah was hot and picked up at 45.

They turned loose on top of Apple Tree Hill and both were nicely away. Just below the hill at 5 Pappy pointed stylishly. He was mannerly for flush and shot. At 10, Pappy pointed again with Manny backing. It was non-productive. Manny was picked up. Pappy pointed again at 22, on the hill top. He displayed excellent class and intensity. When the birds flushed he whirled to mark and was ordered up.

Both made good opening moves but shortened in the heat. No birds were found this hour.

Cody pointed on the left edge at eight. She took a step and was ordered up. The new Champion’s performance was given earlier.

Desi scored a find with high style and composure at 17. Skeeter hunted hard, taking the ridge as the course passed through Sycamore Valley. Desi was forward but lacked drive. Skeeter had a short absence from 44 to 50. He was lame when he returned and was picked up. Desi carded a second good find at 53, near the blue house. Desi finished forward.

Raany hunted hard. Nrico made some nice moves and showed some early speed. They ran the full hour without bird contact.


Obvious Conclusion won this stake handily. She was just what Judges Don Fox and Bill Burton were looking for. This was a repeat victory for her. Alley as she is called won this stake while still a puppy in 2002. Owners Mike and Darlene Lundy bought her from Roger Duncan as a young puppy. Mike has developed her into a top contender. Her race was strong with nice range. Alley’s pattern was mature and intelligent. She pointed in the opening minutes but only feathers were found. Later in her brace she showed manners when her handler whoa’ed her to a stop to flush.

B-K’s Strike took the Runner-up spot in the National Derby Classic. In a field of twenty-five contestants he showed well enough to separate him from the pack. B-K’s Strike is a product of the fine breeding program at Burjan Kennels in New Jersey. Carol Burjan chose well in selecting this good looking young Vizsla. Daniel Burjan has done a fine job in developing Strike. He appeared in the eighth brace which ran from the clubhouse on the number one course. He turned in an attractive, edge running race. He pointed birds near the double gates in derby fashion. He encountered a pig on the course in Davis bottoms. This caused a laugh when his handler directed the scout to “bring the pig back”!

There were additional Derby dogs that impressed. Two of these were Hunter and Gypsy handled by Dan Long of Ohio. Hunter ran a fine race but was birdless. Gypsy pointed birds nicely and ran well but not as strong as the winners. Gauge, handled by Gary Jagoda of Michigan, turned in a wide running, good hunting pattern. Tufto Beat, handled by John Reid from Canada, started slow but warmed into a good edge running pattern. Several others appeared to be threats but weren’t able to sustain it in the heat.


Tommy Boy’s victory in the National Amateur Championship was a repeat. The five year old Vizsla male also won this stake in 2000 and 2001. Mike Lundy has done a commendable job of training and campaigning this classy dog. Tommy also holds the runner-up title for the 2001 National Open Championship. He appeared in the second brace of this Championship.

Tommy turned in a beautiful race. He hunted hard and with plenty of speed and range. At 15 he was pointed along a feed strip on the right edge of Melvin Cliff bottoms. He was turned back into the wind with his birds located in front of him. He displayed the intensity and manners of a champion. He hunted the left edge of Sycamore valley. From the twin barns he was strong and forward on the right tree line until well past the blue house. He finished going away as the course came out the far side of Climer’s pasture. It was an enjoyable performance to watch. The word that came to mind after viewing Tommy Boy’s hour was Class, with a capital C! The Judges, Garvin Collins and Bill Burton felt his class on game and his style of running were superior and very deserving of the title.

Kal Kam’s Red Thunder is a full brother to the Open National Champion, Kal Cam’s Go Girl. He won the open Championship in 2001. His proud owner, Gordon Long of Millersville, PA. could not be in attendance this year. Trainer Daniel Burjan asked Dustin Ochs to handle Thunder in this stake. Dustin and Thunder worked well together and were properly rewarded. Thunder ran in the fourth brace which was released after an early lunch on Thursday.

Thunder was forward from the start. He scored a nice find along the ditch near double gates at 17. Just before Horse Killer Hill at 40, Thunder was pointing again. He displayed excellent manners for flush and shot. His third find came at the pond on top of the hill at 47. His manners were perfect. Thunder suffered a non-productive at 56 on the west edge of Apple Tree Hill. He ran an attractive forward race and was going away at time. When the winners were announced it was no surprise that Thunder had gained the runner-up title.

In the last brace of the stake, Desert Storm Desirae mounted a challenge that for a time was quite serious. She was handled by her owner, Barry Peterson of Saginaw, Michigan. Desi won this Championship in 2002.
Desert Storm Desirae started with promise. Desi pointed at 26, on the right edge of Davis bottoms. Desi showed superb restraint as she watched her brace mate shag her birds. Desi scored again at 29 in the cross hedge. She displayed high style and good manners. She ran a terrific race until Horse Killer Hill took the starch out of her at 45. By 55 she was struggling to continue. She stopped to flush at 58 in Melvin Cliff bottom. With a better finish Desert Storm Desirae would have put her name in the history book.


Cody pointed in the cross hedge just into Davis bottom at 21. Cowboy failed to back and was all around Cody . Cody stood mannerly. Cowboy had been turning in a good ground heat up until this incident. Cody ran the edges and hunted but not at wide range.

The former was scratched due to injury in the Open Championship. Tommy’s winning effort is listed above.

They turned loose at the west end of Horse Corral Valley. Pappy got behind before the clubhouse. While being returned to the front he stopped to flush at 9. Susie was nicely forward but at 19 made a wrong turn. Pappy was on point near the pond at 24 when Susie returned. She honored but released herself to end her bid. Pappy’s work was not productive. Pappy pointed again at 30, he relocated enthusiastically but drew a blank. Upon his release he pointed again without game and was picked up.

KAL CAM’S RED THUNDER (Ochs) - NRICO (Vitkaukas)
. Nrico was forward the entire hour but went birdless. Thunder’s hour has been previously accounted.

Lexi ran a beautiful race. She used the edges well and showed good speed. Jasmine was forward but not as strong. Both went the hour without bird contact.

Max hunted the entire hour but found no game. Meetah was forward for the most part but showed signs of fatigue by the half and was up at 40.

Desirae’s effort was given earlier. Shania was a handful but her young handler was able to get her forward. Shania backed at 26 but briefly. Shania was picked up.