1998 Championship Results


Winner: Rebel Rouser Sackett
Sire: Rebel Rouser Reck
Dam: Rebel Rouser Sacajawea
Owner: Gordon Long
Handler: Daniel Burjan
Breeder: Hank & Betty Rozanek


Runner Up: Rebel Rouser Rosie
Sire: Rebel Rouser Reck
Dam: Rebel Rouser Maggie
Owner: Doug Rowse
Handler: Doug Rowse
Breeder: Doug Rowse

1998 Derby Classic Results


Winner: Kal-Cam's Red Thunder
Sire: Fieldway's Jack Daniels
Dam: Rebel Rouser Sackett
Owner: Gordon Long
Handler: Daniel Burjan
Breeder: Gordon Long


Runner Up: BK's Ramblin Lucy
Sire: Fieldway's Jack Daniels
Dam: Rebel Rouser Sackett
Owner: S. Klein
Handler: Daniel Burjan
Breeder: Gordon Long


Winner: Rebel Rouser Sackett

Runner Up: Rebel Rouser Rosie

by Gary Jagoda

Salesmen, surgeons, aircraft controller, analysts, retirees, recent graduates, dock workers, druggists, physicians, and programmers. From California, Canada, New Jersey, Nebraska and everywhere in-between. These are the people who share a common interest and a desire to do what they believe is the best interest for their breed. Pilgrims who decide to make a now annual trek. As diverse as colors in a full range spectrum and like those colors, bound by a common focal point. This was the site of the 1998 National Vizsla Association's Championship. This is where they come to compete, witness, direct, assist and mostly enjoy the activities and development of their dogs. Drawn together as so many others at other times and other places with hopes of proving and improving their breeding programs and efforts with their charges.

It's sometimes said that any sporting event makes only one person truly happy. Other's may share, but the Joy of Victory can belong to those who actually win. Thank the Lord for dogs who selflessly share their victory with everyone involved in their lives and continue on as if nothing great took place. Wins belong to owners, handlers and breeders.

This year the National Vizsla Association's Championship was won by three years young Rebel Rouser Sackett owned by Gordon Long. Gordon purchased her as a puppy from the Rebel Rouser Kennels of Hank and Betty Rozanek who have been breeding quality field performance in vizslas for more years than Betty will admit. Gordon placed Sackett with professional trainer Daniel Burjan and they knew they had something special. Burjan managed to bring out the best in this young female and, in 1995, at the age of eleven months, she won the National Vizsla Association's Derby Classic! Now, before her fourth birthday, she was picked as the winner of the Championship. But Gordon's "Joy of Victory" went even further. Sackett was bred to Champion Fieldway's Jack Daniels and the get from that litter placed winner and runner-up in this years Derby Classic. It was a Championship event that Gordon will find hard to forget!

Sharing in this year's spotlight was the Runner-Up, Rebel Rouser Rosie, who was born, raised, and trained at the Red Dog Kennels of Doug Rowse. Her dam is Rebel Rouser Maggie May owned by Rowse and her sire Rebel Rouser Reck owned by none other than Hank Rozanek. Doug therefore felt it only fair that she carry the Rebel Rouser banner, but points out that she is his creation. A dog with a desire to please and style to burn, Doug finds it ironic in that a training collar was awarded as a prize. In all of her training Rosie has never required one.

Other's Who Shared and Helped

It takes more than a few things to make a Championship. One of the most important is judges. Truly the NVA was blessed with and by the individuals who took to the saddle and served as the judiciary for their event. Mr. Jimmy White from Bowling Green, Kentucky, who judged the Championship, had previously judged some thirty-six Championships, a half dozen Classics and more trials than can be listed. He has bred, trained and campaigned setters and pointers for more than thirty years. His dogs include one National Amateur Shooting Dog Champion, a National Derby Champion and ten other individual dogs that have won various Championships. Ronnie Smith, who judged both the Championship and the Derby Classic has been raised with and working bird dogs all his life. He has been a professional trainer for more than fifteen years and has guided hunts throughout the United States. He also recently judged the Oil Capital Shooting Dog and All Age Championship as well as the Region 8 Shooting Dog. Jerry Lewis, who served as a judge for the Derby Classic, is a professional trainer with more than 40 years experience. He was one of the founders of the West Coast Shooting Dog Championship and has judged trials throughout the United States and Canada. He is also scheduled to judge the National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship in April. The experience, knowledge and attention these gentlemen brought to the trial were well appreciated and their decisions well received.

All of this cannot happen without the aid and sponsorship of many corporations and individuals. This year's major corporate sponsor was Purina Hi Pro. Other major corporate contributors included Tri Tronics, D T Systems, Christie's Enterprises, Tucker Saddlery, Diamond Dog Food, Pointing Dog Journal, and Gun Dog Magazine. There were also prizes from Cabelas, Happy Jack, Dogs Unlimited, Wildwings and The American Field Publishing Co. as well as a plethora of donations from individuals who support the event and help to make it the class happening for the breed each year.

Again, Eureka, Kansas was the site chosen by the National Vizsla Association for their Championship. This location has continued to provide both great accommodations for the participants and a venue that tests the dogs with objectives that require a dog to reach out and more than enough birds to demonstrate style and handling. Those who arrived early were greeted by grounds that had been soaked for days and then covered with a thick blanket of snow. But nature and good fortune was there to meet them with the sun melting the snow and winds drying the soil. Grounds that started nearly impossible to walk upon transformed into a location well suited and hospitable to this annual gathering. By the time the competition was to start everything was near perfect. And although the winds steadily increased as the trial progressed, there were no real complaints for the Weather Chairman.


1. Fieldway's Second Chance/Frayne and Lady Ginger Snap/DeMoura

The first brace was off with Lady and Chance going bird hunting in a serious way. At 7 Lady was found to the front alongside a hillside tree on point with Chance backing. After a hard flushing effort the handler relocated his charge and Chance was taken on by John Frayne. No bird was produced. At 10 point was called and Chance came in and honored the find with both dogs showing good style. Birds were produced and everything properly handled. At fifteen it was Chance's turn to locate game. As the handler and judge approached a rabbit fled and crossed in front of the dog and Lady came in and backed. Chance never let up and Frayne opted to see if Chance was locating birds or if the rabbit was in fact his interest point. The effort proved fruitful with birds and situation well handled. At eighteen the rolls were again reversed and DeMoura produced game with all in order. Chance proved to be productive at game finding with three well spaced additional finds scoring at 23, 41 and 50. Both dogs finishing with strong races.

2. Rebel Rouser Rosie/Rowse and Desert Storm's Brandi/Peterson

The second brace found handler Peterson less than satisfied with Brandi's effort and he elected to pick up at only 4 minutes out. Rosie, on the other hand, proved that she was out to go hunting and anxious to demonstrate that she was a class bird dog. At ten she carded her first find displaying her eye catching style and good manners. At 13 she was again found pointing. After a long relocation birds were produced and she went on with everything in order. Doug Rowse again called point for his charge at 23 on the hillside to the left after the creek crossing. With everything in order Rosie worked the cover to the front and went on point as she came up the draw. This time when Rowse stepped in front of his charge a large bevy rose with Rosie taking it all in and standing tall in a statuesque pose. After that find Rosie moved strong to the front and as we made the final bend back toward the finish Rosie appeared from the front and formally delivered to Rowse's hand a piece of tail that she had garnered for him. Everything was determined to be in order and Rosie finished her course with a forward drive and no further bird contact.

3. Rebel Rouser Diamondback/Rozanek and Fieldway's Nitro Flash/Frayne

Rattler took an instant dislike to Flash and from the start he tried to rattle his bracemate. Frayne and Rozanek took things under control and both dogs then set themselves to the task at hand. When they came together again at 9 Rattler attempted to reinstitute the earlier discussion and Hank elected to put an end to his charge's bid. Flash than set on working the cover with a forward drive. In spite of his diligent effort no birds were produced until 45 when he was found standing in the field before the final creek crossing. A small bevy of 4 birds were flushed a good thirty feet in front of the dog with the dog standing proud through the action. He finished his course without further bird contact.

4. Sun-Up Magnum Forty Four/Herz and Fieldway's Jack Daniels/Burjan

The fourth brace provided the gallery the excitement that it was billed it would at the drawing. Both Pistol and Jack were way strong and moving forward. So much so that they both failed to be negotiated around the sharp turn after the first creek crossing and it took noticeable efforts on the part of both handlers and scouts to return these dogs to the course. At 24 Pistol pointed into a brush pile and Herz produced birds with everything in order. At 34 Jack came on point and Pistol backed as he returned from a large cast that had taken him somewhat off course. Jack was relocated with no birds produced. At 46 when the final bend was approached point was called by Burjan and as the judges and gallery approached Pistol came in and honored. After the flush with everything in order the handlers again started their dogs on course. Almost immediately Jack came on point and again Pistol found himself backing. When this bird work was complete both dogs were taken on and they moved to the front with Jack attacking the course to the left and taking the high hillside and Pistol working the cover and objectives on the right. At time Jack was out of sight and Burjan called point for Jack having found him standing under a tree in the draw created by the last creek crossing. After two long relocation efforts, Jack again established point just as the judges called time. Two birds were produced.

5. Curren's Buta Kutta/Curren and Lakeside Sunny Girl/Rozanek

Bo and Sunny Girl went right to work from the breakaway, both dogs going forward, Sunny Girl attacking the country to the front and Bo working in the cover of the swales that rim the course. At fifteen Curren called point for Bo but as handler and judge approached the dog moved ahead. He continued to methodically work the cover after his relocation. It was in this fashion that he put a quail to flight and handler removed him from the competition. Sunny Girl continued to reach out in the course. At thirty-eight she slowed into a stylish point on the hillside to the right. There she indicated that the handler should look into a grass clump approximately 20 feet away. As the area was neared a small covey arose and shot was fired. Everything in order. At 52 Sunny Girl again pointed. This time however Hank's flushing effort did not immediately produced birds and a long relocation effort followed with birds finally being produced. Sunny was moved on and her race shortened somewhat; however, she still ran with purpose and at time she was found standing. On this piece of work it appeared that she may have helped Hank with the flushing effort as birds were put to flight.

6. Berry's Borne Wilde/Jagoda and Bunkin's Country Bubba/Chadwick

Both dogs proved to move quickly across the country, reaching out and attacking the course. Falken's effort only somewhat shorter than the wide ranging Bubba. At nine Falken spun and established point on the ridge just above the creek swale. However, he let up in his style as his handler dismounted and he was immediately relocated. No game produced, the dog was taken on. At 12 Falken was moving rapidly through the cover to the front when he came upon a small covey with two birds taking flight. Falken decided to end his bid and gave chase to the game in the air. Bubba's course continued strong and forward. Too much so, he was judged out of contention due to prolonged absence.

7. Desert Storm's Ginger/Peterson and Rebel Rouser Red Darby/Rowse

Ginger broke away working the course methodically with a quick gait while Darby's race was more of a charge from objective to objective. As we went through the first creek crossing at 6 Darby was found standing with Ginger showing her respect to his point. Doug's flushing attempt failed to produce game. Ginger was taken on as Darby was asked to relocate the game. No birds were produced and Darby was taken to the front. At 36 Darby was again found standing and again a long flushing and relocation effort failed to produce game. Taken on, Darby moved forward on the course with determination. Rowse found his charge on point in a thick pile of dead fall. Unfortunately, or fortunately, neither the handler nor the dog could make the bird take to flight. Again Rouse was forced to move forward without putting birds to flight. At 53 Ginger started to indicate game and stepped forward with some, but not enough, caution. Her action put two birds into the air and Peterson elected to pick up. At time point was called for Darby. It was his turn to produce birds and he took it upon himself to assist his handler as the birds were flown.

8. Dasa Motee/Nelson and Rebel Rouser Cal/Rozanek

Cal and Motee were the first brace of the second day which greeted the contenders with high winds and an overcast sky. Both dogs were away running hard and working forward into the strong "Western Breeze". At 7 the dogs were found in the draw before the first creek crossing with Cal on point and Motee providing an honor. Two birds were put in the air by Rozanek and the situation was handled well by both dogs. As we came over the crest of a hill Hank called point for Cal and reported to the judges that the bird had left. The dog was taken on without shot. At 17 Cal again indicated the location of game and Nelson cautioned Motee as he came in to back. Rozanek relocated Cal to complete this part of the action and Motee was taken on with everything in order. Motee's scored a find two minutes later in a thicket to the front with two birds put to flight and everything handled. Motee moved ahead and Cal came on point at 24. Hank produced a small bevy with Cal looking on intently. As Cal was released he crested a hill to the front where Motee was standing a find. This time Cal failed to show respect for Motee's point and he was taken up. Nelson completed the bird work for his charge. Motee scored again at 35 with relocation required to produce the birds. At 38 Nelson determined that Motee's effort was not going to be enough for the stake and elected to end the brace.

9. Midnight Thunder Road/Burjan and Rebel Rouser Jac/Rozanek

It was immediately clear that this brace was off to go to work when Jac scored a quail find right at the breakaway. Tall and tight at the flush, Jac was eager to continue in his quest. Midge was also displaying enthusiasm and it was clear that Burjan had to work to retain control of her. Both dogs ranged wide covering the course. At 18 Jac locked into point and Hank produced two quail. The dogs continued to attack the grounds with strong wide races. At 34 point was called for Jac who was found standing tall out on a limb and Midge was backing. Birds were put into the air, shot fired and the dogs taken on. Midge scored at 48 pointing under a tree in a field to the left of the course with Jac returning from a long cast, missing the action and moving forward. Burjan produced game and Midge was taken on with everything in order. Both dogs continued with strong wide ranging efforts and were shown by their handlers to the front. At 58 Midge spun to a point on the hill leading to the final gate on course. Looking tall and tight on point when the birds were flushed, they flew directly above her and her move to mark lacked in style leaving the judge with a less than flattering impression of this piece of work.

10. Masha's Sinfully Wild Cheri/C. Burjan and Konzie Kujo/Curren

Carol Burjan handled Cheri who was off to a strong start swinging wide to the left and Garry Curren's Coz immediately took to the course with a strong hunting effort. At 6 Carol called point with Cheri being located to the front with Coz honoring her find. Two birds were flushed with everything in order. Both dogs were taken on and they worked the course in a steady forward fashion. With his race shortening at thirty-eight, Curren elected to pick up Coz. At 39 Cheri tallied her second find on the far back woods line. The birds were located running far into the woods and Cheri handled the situation nicely. At forty-one Cheri was found standing in cover to the far right side of the course. Unfortunately birds were not produced and after a prolonged relocation effort handler determined that this piece of work was less than the quality needed to be in contention and elected to pickup.

11. Lakeside Willie/Rozanek and P. M. Delite/Frayne

Willie went after Delite on the breakaway and Rozanek immediately took things under control and removed his dog from the competition. Frayne took Delite on and she scored her first find at 8 with a small covey produced on the low side of the swale. She was taken on and moved displaying drive and working with the strong winds. At 22 a bird flew and Delite executed a nice stop to flush. Than at 24 Delite located game with birds flown and everything in order. After taking water at 32, Delite indicated game with no birds found. Again at thirty-seven she suffered a non-productive. A third non-productive followed closely and Frayne elected to pick up.

12. Rebel Rouser Sackett/Burjan and The Cherokee's New Hope/Mortensen

Sackett and Misty set out to attack the course and locate game right from the breakaway. Both dogs running hard to the front and aggressively attractive in their efforts. At five Sackett was found standing in the ravine before the second creek crossing and Burjan put birds to flight with Sackett remaining stylish throughout the action. Both dogs continued to race to the front covering the ground with speed and purpose. Sackett stayed forward covering edges and on the right side of the course and Misty took to the hillsides and crests on the left. At twenty-three Sackett was found standing out on a limb after a far reaching forward cast indicating game in a pile of downed branches. She stood tall as Daniel forced the birds out from the cover and put them to flight. A truly fine piece of work. Sackett was taken to the front. The heat of the day and strong winds tolled on both dogs and their handlers were judicious with use of water, taking every opportunity to refresh their charges that arose. The dogs in turn responded favorably, both continuing with strong efforts that moved them further and further to the front. Unfortunately, Misty's effort went unrewarded. Both dogs were going away as the hour came to a close.

13. Idaho Ranch Hand/Herz

In the last brace of the Championship Micah ran alone. Ellis' charge ran strong to the front and worked the course well for his handler, displaying an independent desire. At twenty-three Micah was stopped by a gate and birds were produced. He was taken on and he continued in his effort. Unfortunately, at 43 birds flew in front of the dog and he continued following their flight. This resulted in his being taken up and bringing a close to the running.

1998 National Vizsla Association's Derby Classic

On Thursday, following the running of the Championship, the NVA held their Annual Derby Classic. This year twenty-two (22) young dogs from all across and country and Canada were featured. High winds and dry air may have hindered these youngsters somewhat, but the entire entry proved they each had a strong desire to run and hunt leaving the judges a difficult choice when comparing performances.

Kal-Cam's Red Thunder was selected Winner with the judges noting a forward race that always had him running the edges and hitting objectives. B K's Ramblin Lucy was named Runner Up due to a good race and her ability to locate game. Rebel Rouser Red Rock was also noted for his strong race and superior finish; however, in spite of his efforts, he failed to make any contact with game and therefore did not achieve a placement.