1995 Championship Results


Winner: Fieldway's Nitro Flash "Flash"
Sire: Rebel Rouser Smokey Bandit
Dam: Nitro's First Class Act
Owner: John Frayne & Joe Manning
Handler: John Frayne
Breeder: Bruce Hale


Runner Up: Berry's Danny "Danny" (Shotgun Danny Dude)
Sire: Samantha's Black Jack
Dam: Warbonnet's Fancy
Owner: Gary Jagoda
Handler: Gary Jagoda
Breeder: Darrell Poodry

1995 Derby Classic Results


Winner: Rebel Rouser Sacket
Sire: Rebel Rouser Reck
Dam: Rebel Rouser Sacajawea
Owner: Gordon Long
Handler: Daniel Burjan
Breeder: Hank & Betty Rozanek


Runner Up: Tequila Sunset (Sunny)
Sire: Magma's Mentowin
Dam: Cherokee's Country Bunkin
Owner: Robert Horvath
Handler: Daniel Burjan
Breeder: Sonny & Verla Mortenson

By Mark Pfeifer

The National Vizsla Association held the first National Vizsla Championship March 15-17 on the outstanding grounds of the Branched Oaks Recreational Area near Raymond, Nebraska.

This inaugural event garnered 32 entries from all over the country. Under the watchful eyes of Judges Bill Roussan and Andy Giles, handlers and gallery enjoyed two splendid days on the Nebraska prairie. Andy Giles kindly filled the judicial saddle at the last minute when advertised judge Joe Barksdale called with the sad news of a death in his family.

Branched Oaks offers a good variety of cover and terrain, enough room to show a dog at a distance and plenty of worthy objectives for a dog to hunt. The grounds were in excellent shape and held quail, pheasant, and a few migrating woodcock.

The weather was typical of this area in March, chilly and a bit foggy in the morning and almost too hot in the afternoon. Any complaints were soon silenced as the best dogs ran hard and found birds in the hottest part of the day. One of those midday braces was shared by Fieldway’s Nitro Flash, the winner, and Berry’s Danny, the runner-up.

Flash is owned by John Frayne and Joe Manning of Medford, NJ, and was handled by John Frayne. The Champions performance was marked by two classy finds and a back as he put down a very consistent forward run. His bracemate, owned and handled by Gary Jagoda of Eaton Rapids, MI, ran very well, finishing with two backs and one find and the runner-up title. While not quite as stylish, Danny was very strong on the grounds and ran well to the front at the end of the hour.

The Derby Classic brought 16 hopeful young dogs to the line. Pro handler Daniel Burjan took home both the winners trophy and the runner-up for two of his clients. Rebel Rouser Sacket, owned by Gordon Long, won the stake with a clean broke dog find and a strong wide race. Tequila Sunset, owned by Robert Horvath, was runner-up.

Along with the fine owners and handlers who supported this event, special thanks go to trial chairman Hank Rozanek. Hank seemed like he was everywhere at once. Aside from the dogs he ran he was up before dawn checking on birds and making sure the judges were well cared for and that marshal Paula Abbott was doing her duty to keep the gallery in line. Thanks go to Paula too. I know I’ll miss somebody but we must not forget NVA President Bruce Hale, and Ray Cooper, vice-president, which I might add should consider a career move to auctioneer after the job he did on the Derby Calcutta. Thanks also go to Verla Mortenson, secretary-treasurer, who somehow keeps all the paperwork in order. And certainly not last, a special thanks to our many fine sponsors and Bob West of Pro Plan dog food for Purina’s many contributions.

The Running

Hart’s Rusty Charger (Hart) and Lakeside Sunny Girl Selle (Rozanek). Both dogs worked the cover well and had birds early. Rusty was picked up for crowding a bird and Sunny had one unproductive and was later picked up for moving at the flush.

Bunkin’s Country Bubba (Chadwick) and Viesoo’s Luihje (DeRoo) ran strong early. Luihje was lost early and was later picked up when he returned to the gallery. Bubba had an unproductive and finished the hour without a bird.

Shotgun Rust De Abbeyfield (Small) and Fourwinds Rebel Rouser Gator (Rozanek). Gator’s owners, Tom and Deb Hagen, were riding. Gator was all business and finished with three good finds and two unproductives. Rusty had one back and then was picked up early as he was not working the front.

Fieldway’s Dynamite Daisy (Frayne) and Cherokee’s Dakota (Mortenson). Both dogs hunted well to the front for the first 40 minutes. Daisy was found on game but was picked up by her handler when she moved at the flush. Sporty ran strong for the hour but went birdless.

Fieldway’s Nitro Flash (Frayne) and Berry’s Danny (Jagoda) ran right after the noon break in the heat. Flash struck early with a stylish find and Danny came in to back. All was in order. Flash again had a nice quail find deep in the cedar trees with his bracemate honoring. At 45 Danny made game and Flash honored as Gary shot. Both dogs showed well to the front at time, leaving little doubt that the standard was set.

Fieldway’s Sandhills Kilroy (Manning) and Idaho Ranchand (Brundage) competed in the sixth brace. Brundage’s charge was gone early and lit up the far reaches of the course. Kilroy, the veteran, was consistent and worked in the cover, always to the front. Ranchand had a quail find just as time was called and Kilroy had an unproductive.

Rebel Rouser Rosie (Rouse) and Golden Empire Texas Topaz (Blumentritt) worked the grounds for 35 before Topaz made game in the creek bottom. Unfortunately this Texan was unfamiliar with woodcock as he moved at the flush and was picked up. Rosie ran very well but did not find a bird before time.

Dodge City’s Doc Adams (Conner) and Nicks Golden Bear (Rozanek) took the line early on the second morning. Bear’s owner, Ray Cooper, and his son were in attendance and rode. Both dogs were a bit tentative and were eventually picked up as neither could make a run at the leaders.

Betty’s Hopeful Drifter (Christensen) went very wide and was lost near the lake. Camarily Royal Flush (Jagoda) ran well early but was picked up by her handler as she was running too short. Drifter later returned but was picked up before time.

Desert Strom Brandi Roselle (Peterson) was picked up early by her owner as she was not contending. Lakeside Luke Skywalker (Rozanek) was strong early but was picked up as he tired late in the brace.

Baker’s Darlin Sportin Ginny (Herz) struck early with a nice find and then was well ahead for the rest of the brace. Rebel Rouser Rex (Rozanek) was very stylish on two occasions, unfortunately both were unproductive. Both dogs finished the hour very strong. According to his scout, when Rex was found after a time, he had a wild pheasant but was out of judgment.

Magma’s Mentowin (Herz) ran very strong and was gone early reaching the far edges in his search. He was found working game late in the brace but was picked up because he moved up on a running bird. Rebel Rouser Rhett (Rozanek) ran well early but was picked up as her range was short and unproductive.

Nitro’s First Class Act (Hale), last year’s Classic winner, with her bracemate, Sun Up Magnum Forty Four (Herz), took the course right after the noon break. Classy ran very well, hunting far to the front. Pistol was also very fast on the ground and required his scout early. When found, he as on game and very stylish. All was in order at the flush and shot. Pistol went on ahead as Bruce was off looking for Classy, which eventually came back to the front and worked the rest of the course without a find. Pistol finished with three more clean finds and was given honorable mention by the judges.

Fieldway’s Jack Daniels (Burjan) and Billy Utah (Mortenson). Jack’s owner, Carol Vitato, scouted. Both dogs ran very well and strong in spite of the heat. Jack showed his stuff early as he handled very well for Danny. His search was consistent, always forward and at a good pace for the full hour. He only lacked a much needed piece of bird work. Billy Utah hunted hard to the front and needed a scout early. Unfortunately he could not connect ad went birdless.

Viesoo’s Red Fox Express (Burjan) and Dust Storm Digger (Morthenson). Foxy’s owner, Jacqueline DeRoo, rode the brace and watched as she ran very well. She was rarely seen except at a good distance. Digger also required a scout for much of his brace. Unfortunately both dogs went birdless.

Masha’s Sinfully Wild Cheri (Burjan) and Midnight Thunder Road (Christenson). Cheri’s owner, Cindy Hibler, rode in the gallery. Both dogs worked hard but could not produce a bird.